School Holidays and Sun – never!

So first day of the school holidays and with the ‘boys’ away at the British Open (golf – yaawwnn!) though I will admit to taking a sneaky peak at the T.V to see if I could spot them both, I had a day to do anything I wanted. Even better the sun was shinning – so what to do?

Well I could have sat in the sun all day and caught up with all the books, running magazines etc that are piling up and I could have just chilled. But as I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now I’m not very good at chilling. So by ten o clock the Asda big Shop (and it was a big shop) was done and away, 2 loads of washing were hanging on the line and one load was spinning in the machine. By eleven o clock I’d been to B & Q for some fence paint and was in my ‘garden gear’ ready to do battle with the ivy from next door that’s taking over my garden – I won! I also collected a ridiculous amount of cat poo and returned it to its owner – well come on why should I have it all in my garden – I kindly put it in a carrier bag for them and dropped it over the wall!

Then it was painting time – god it was hard work. Maybe its all the rain but my fence has turned into a sponge – one tin of paint has gone already. Mind you by the time I’d finished I was covered from head to toe in brown splodges – the paint was everywhere – oh well. Now my shoulders are throbbing, not sure if it’s the painting or using the shears to hack the conifers so I could get to the fence. Time for  a rest tomorrow I think  – maybe!!

Gardening Started

More sun so I can do the ame tomorrow

Bring it on



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