A little Quickie…….

Just a very quick blog as we ‘re heading out for a few drinks and a bite to eat soon and I may not be fit to write anything later………
So a quick run down of all that’s gone on today and you can have the full story tomorrow.
Jacks rugby team just scraped through to the next round if the cup…..74-0. A first for us we had a female Ref- and boy was she good! Girl Power anyone?
Hubby cycled to and from the rugby and got covered in mud.
I managed to squeeze full kitbag and water bottles into Archie Aygo- it wasn’t easy.
Hubby and Jack went to watch the open age play ( they lost, not as good as us!) and I headed out on my bike got covered in mud and went through a puddle so deep I needed my waders!!!

Very busy day
Hangover Free tomorrow
Bring it on



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