Back in Time……………….

To be fair the Golden Wedding wasn’t a bad night out, granted it would have been nice to hear some music post 1950’s and when a dude called Glenn Miller got up to I did start to wonder if we’d actually travelled back in time ( he was quite good though – even though he didn’t play in the mood!!) But all in all a good night was had by all, I’m not quite sure what the oldies thought of my Song n Dance number to ‘Mack the Knife’ but I’d had four halves of lager by that point – I was passed caring!!

It was the lager that put pay to our planned early morning cycle, we were all for it when we first woke, but then the hangover head kicked in -hubby was worse than me, he felt unable to walk in a straight line never mind pedal. In the end I went out on my own while hubby ironed – can’t wait to see the creases in my trousers tomorrow. The bike ride was fab, Boris – now with newly fitted mega tyres is one awesome machine. I went through ever mud patch and puddle I could find add to that the glorious sunshine and views around the river and flood plains and the hangover was soon a distant memory.

So once back home it was time to get ready for our second outing of the weekend – a family meal to celebrate my mums 70th birthday – usual loud affair but then there are 14 of us, bit hard to be quiet. It was also another chance to get a picture of the Grandkids – we don’t get them together very often what with Uni, work etc. We have tried and failed to get a picture when they are all looking at the camera – oh well, there’s always christmas.

Family celebrations Over

Back to school tomorrow

Bring it on




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