Remember my name………Fame!!!!


Well fame beckons -Compact for Comic Relief (see Fridays Blog) is now an internet hit……………….sort of.  C’mon 42 hits and one retweet (thanks Mark) is pretty impressive. I’ve got to say that when I watched the video we didn’t look half as bad as I expected in fact compared to some stuff you see on talent shows nowadays, in the grand scale of thing we were bloody good. I haven’t downed my teaching assistant tools yet but I truly feel a change of career is definitely looming – only another 22 million hits to go.


So will fame beckon

A girl can dream

Bring it on!!






A Dance, A Run, A Camouflage Duck and Vibration White Finger……………..

So another day another deluge of rain. Not what you want when you work in a school, kids with cabin fever are no fun, kids with cabin fever on a P.E day – aarrggghh! But credit to year six, this afternoon they excelled themselves. To be honest, I expected some strops when we had to do indoor P.E – well DANCE!! But no, they loved it, girls and boys. Even better they seem to be picking it up a whole lot quicker than me. But then again they had a huge hall to leap about in, I’ve had my kitchen. All we need is some leg warmers and it will be like ‘Kids from Fame’ all over again- well 30 kids n one old bird – maybe I could be Lydia Grant –  dance teacher in Fame for those too young to remember. (You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat- still remember it now!!)  Anyway, if they keep this up – come the ‘Big Dance’ on the 18th May they’ll be awesome – choreographer dude Winston or is it Wayne, he’ll be well chuffed – ya!

Work over, the sun came out – nearly- and the rain stopped, typical. Still it meant we could run without getting soaked. I didn’t feel like I had the best of runs to be honest, maybe it’s ‘first week back’ syndrome or I over did the dancing. I felt ok for the first 3 miles, then the energy levels dropped, still we managed another 3+ miles and surprisingly we ran exactly the same time as Tuesday, maybe I just expect too much sometimes. Can’t believe I was scared by a duck either – obviously not my night – flaming thing was camouflaged by the leaves, never saw it till it quacked…………….

So run done, quick chat and time to head home. By this time my vibration white finger had kicked in- anyone else get this after running? It used to be just one finger, now it’s spreading. Must be coming out in sympathy with my running mate, she gets it too.  I did look for a funny image for vibration white finger – you won’t believe the pictures that came up…………….

6.8 miles done

leg warmers out tomorrow

Bring it on



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