A Quiet weekend -maybe not!!!


So a rather quiet weekend in the Earnshaw household , a chance for a bit of a slob about. Something we rarely get a chance to do (well I don’t). Its been the perfect slobbing about weather, windy, wanging it down and in comparison to recent temperatures – a tad chilly. Funny thing is we haven’t spent that long in front of the fire. Jacks spent most of the weekend rolling round the garden with his rugby ball and tackle bag (he loves this time of year – he can’t stand it when its warm) now the grass that we nutured all summer long as disappeared under a mud bath -just how many times can you re-seed one lawn!! I’ve been out on the bike both days, got lost both day and got wet both days -I loved it!

Yesterday I should have been out cycling with the hubby but as his tyre was as flat as a pancake I set off without him and as is always the case when I’m on my own I decided to try a different path -whoops. The path seemed to be up a never-ending hill. My ‘recovering from surgery’ knee, really loved me. But where there’s an up, there’s always a down. Think Julie Andrews singing the hills are alive, only on a bike. You get the idea. Though I don’t recall her screaming “Arrgghh, ‘F**ing Hell” at the top of her voice! It took twenty minutes to get up that hill and two seconds to get down -so unfair!! Still I survived -time for another path. The ‘trick puddle’ path! It really didn’t look like a deep puddle, it didn’t look like much of anything until I was stuck in it. Think Dr Foster (you know, that dude in the Nursery rhyme who went to Gloucester) , that was me (there’s some right comparisons on this blog today!) one minute I was skimming the top of the puddle next minute I was knee-deep….

So you would have thought that today when I headed out (hubby was recovering from the lads night out -wuss!) I might have learnt my lesson. Well in my defence it was only a little path. A path to bloody nowhere (again) Just to add to the fun I had to battle my way through the brambles. Bikes and brambles don’t mix, bloody things were wound round the pedals and everything. I had to carry my bike above me to get through. I came to a fence which said “ELECTRIC FENCE DO NOT TOUCH”  Mmmm,I thought, I don’t think so -it was made of wood. I may be blonde but I’m not stupid! (Didn’t stop me poking it with a stick first to check though!!) So under the fence I went, through more brambles and came to…..A field of horses -real ones that jump fences (!). Bugger, it was the horses or death by wooden electric fence and brambles. The brambles won!

Loving exploring

Survived electrocution

Bring it on



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