Lost – part 1274, Lazy and Lax


Ok, Ok so maybe I/we haven’t been lost over a thousand times but I/we  seem to be averaging once a week of late -though to be fair to hubby I am way better getting lost than he is. Todays ‘lost while cycling’ look was 100% hubbys fault though. His ‘we’ll take this path because then we’ll end up on the main path’ suggestion didn’t go to plan. Not only did the path go on forever, it was another bumpy ride, not just tree roots, but streams and trip traps bridges that I expected a troll to leap from under at any minute. I wasn’t happy, especially when we ended up nowhere, or so we thought, having looked at the map since ,we weren’t that far from civilisation! So the only option was to pedal through the hay fever fields ( you know – that yellow stuff that makes you sneeze!) more bumpy pedalling – joy. Still on the plus side we added another two plus miles to our route it wasn’t all bad. Might even do it again next week as long as I can strap a cushion to my saddle!
So after a busy day yesterday today was a bit of a novelty day – thanks to Easter there was no junior rugby,time for a lie- in. Wahoo!!! So why did I wake up at 8?!? Still coffee and a good book meant I didn’t get up till 9:30 that must count as a lazy morning?
No rugby also meant I had time to do a proper Sunday Lunch, with all the trimmings. I even made desert – not so much of a lazy day after all. In between the cooking there was maths swotting to be done – reflections,translations, transitions and orders of rotational symmetry. Deep joy, it should have been easy, it wasn’t. Some muppet at the proof-reading factory had clearly been asleep on the job – the questions were wrong. Wrong orders, wrong vectors, wrong directions – even I know the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise (just!!) wrong, wrong wrong. I’m not happy. The books are in a heap in the middle of the kitchen table – I’ll go back to being lazy. For now!

Quiet Sunday
Makes a nice change
Bring it on.

A Short Situation!!


The weather must be confused, day two of the holidays and day two of sunshine, just what is going on??? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been outside all day long, painting fences and walls, cutting and re- seeding lawns and sorting out the shed – it looks like the indoor jobs will have to wait!
With the jobs done it was time for a run and due to the weather the layers were finally shed – the shorts are out!! New shorts ( well 3/4 length). Alas the new shorts only lasted a mile before I had a wardrobe malfunction – I only pulled the string to tighten the top – it came off in my hand. Great!! Over a mile from home and baggy shorts. Bizarrely, other than the odd shuffle to pull the offending shorts up, I ran one of the best 3 miles for some time. I might wear them every run!

3 miles run in 27 minutes.
Taking the shorts back tomorrow
Bring it on!

Is Tha Lost………


For the regular readers of my blog you’ll know how good I am at sort of getting lost, the hunt for new cycle/running routes often takes me into the unknown. I always find my way home-eventually!
In my defence today I wasn’t technically lost – I knew where I was, but the paths seemed to have moved in the months since I was last here! Thankfully, as I stood pondering which path to take, a nice farmer man pointed me in the right direct – sort of. “Is tha lost?” He asked in a true Yorkshire accent, “wi yer eadin” So I told him I was wanting to get back to the canal path. “Well tha,s off reight road” he said. Which roughly translates as ‘you are going in the right direction’. None too helpful with more than one path to take. Still I made it back.
It would have been lovely cycling in the sunshine were it not for the swarms of mozzies that dive bombed all the way round, seemingly we are to be over run by mozzies this year – great news when mozzies love you. Foreign travel is a nightmare for me, I’m no sooner off the plane and the little bleeders have got me – I once spent a fortnight in Ibiza looking like I’d got club foot, I couldn’t even get my flip-flop on. And now the vicious bleeders are heading here – fab!!!
So that’s the first day of the Easter Hols done. I’ve had a lie-in, cleaned the car and started listing the things I need to do this holidays – a fortnight is not longing enough!!!

Loving the sun
More of the same tomorrow
Bring it on.

Value for money………………

The Nerves didn't last long.....

The Nerves didn’t last long…..

So I’ve paid to watch two games of Rugby League this weekend. One cost two quid to get in and the program was a £1, the other cost twenty quid (or would have done if I didn’t have a season ticket) and the program cost £2.50. One game was played with pride, passion and had a huge amount of talent on show the other was lack-lustre -bordering on boring and their was no pride,passion or to be brutally honest, give or take a couple of players, effort to be seen. I’m proud to say my son played in the first game.

Yep -yesterday was a bit of a deja vu moment for me. Exactly a year to the day since I had spent the morning feeling sick with nervous anticipation and here I was feeling the same way. The only difference was last year I was about to embark on a 5 mile run in and around the Olympic stadium this time I was waiting for Jack’s rugby game to kick-off. I don’t know why I get so nervous before his games, I just do. Especially when the games are finals or special events (todays game saw Jacks team representing Yorkshire) – I think it’s a sort of sympathy nerves – a bit like when men get strange cravings when their wives are pregnant, I get Jack’s vibes (poor kid can’t eat before a game) and feel just as nervous as he does. Once again the nerves weren’t called for – despite the constant disruption to training and match days due to the ridiculous weather ,the lads did all that was asked of them and more. They wore their Yorkshire Rose’s with pride and stuffed the Lancastrians big style – the ‘War of the Roses’ was well and truly won. Get in -shame the slightly more expensive game didn’t live up to its Junior game.

A cracking Easter Weekend

Two weeks off to enjoy

Bring it on

Happy Holidays…………


So I’m sat here all alone -it’s bliss. The men in my life have gone to the rugby and for once I’ve stayed home (I hate going to Cas its full of dodgy folk with no teeth!) In some ways I’m glad, I really didn’t fancy an evening with a life-size Telly Tubby. Yep as much as I knew Jack loved his new Wakey Onsie I really didn’t expect him to wear it on match days -still it will be a great photo to embarrass him with when he’s older. To be honest I feel like I’m at the game anyway -hubbies texts are coming thick and fast (or is it fast and thick -I didn’t get the last one, how was I supposed to know the triangle with a smiley face was a pile of poo!) Anyway as things stand at nearly half time Wakey are winning  18 -0-C’mon Trinity.

It looks like it could be a great start to the Easter Holiday, I’ve got to admit I’m ready for it. We may have just had one of the shortest school terms in history but for some reason Christmas seems to have been a life time away (24 -0 sorry this games distracting!!!) Granted things didn’t get off to the best of starts when I had to have class 5 on my own for the first week back as the class teacher had man -flu (only joking Parky -I know you were proper poorly -for once!) and we seem to have been playing catch up ever since. Then there’s been Mothers day stuff to do, Comic Relief, Easter concerts, Egg rolling and Egg decorating -phew. Not sure how we had time for any schoolwork -but we did -just. All in all it’s been a pretty successful term and I won the decorated egg  competition (all my own work – no pushy mum help for me!!) I nearly won the egg-rolling -only my huge egg let me down…………alright I tried to pass a rugby ball off as a boiled egg -it nearly worked!!! One day I’ll grow up -maybe.


 Easter at last

 Time for taking it easy (A-hem)

Bring it on!!!



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