A Night Under The Stars…………..Camping Indoors!!!

camping-023Well if it turned into a gloriously hot afternoon yesterday, come bedtime time it was more than hot it was somewhat unbearable. Being in the attic bedroom doesn’t help, it has the sun on it all day long. To say we had the windows wide open is an understatement. Such was the view of the night-time sky we might as well have moved the bed into the garden. In some ways it was quite calming (bloody boiling but calming) gazing at the stars as I drifted off to sleep. Alas the peaceful sleep didn’t last long, come 1:30 I was wide awake. The downside of sleeping under the stars (albeit indoors) is the outdoor noise, if it’s not enough that you have the drunks singing, arguing ( boy do they row!!) and generally making a racket as they stagger home from Wakefield last night we had to listen to someone digging, yes digging. Which is rather worrying when you live across the road from a cemetery!!!  Three times I got up to see where the noise was coming from but I couldn’t see anything, so loud was the digging that I could have sworn they were in the garden. The trouble is we have windows on either side of the room so in reality the noise could have been coming from anywhere – it was because I couldn’t find it!!

It’s a bit cooler now (its wanging it down

A better nights sleep

Bring it om



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