Mounted Mountain Bike……………..


Well if pedalling Mavis was a nightmare, hubby’s bike- lets call him Arthur, though easier to pedal, is a risk to life and limb – mainly limb. Toe clips are all well and good but if you need to get off your bike sharpish you’ve no chance. Mind you, you don’t really expect a dog to try to mount your mountain bike (thank god it wasn’t the Great Dane I normally see when running down by the railway!)

To be fair to the dog there wasn’t really room for either of us on the path but did it really need to jump up. I tried my best to keep my balance, but no chance. In a scene similar to ‘Only Fools n Horses’ when Del Boy fell behind the bar -one minute I was upright the next I was laying on my side with the bike still attached – my sore knee side!! I’ll give the dog owner his due though – he couldn’t apologise enough and it wasn’t really the dogs fault it was the bikes. So I rolled from under the bike, muttered something about….well I can’t really remember what I said and pedaled off, once round the corner I burst into a mixture of hysterical laughter and tears.

So now my sore knee is even sorer, I’ve got one ankle bigger than the other, I’ve cut the bottom of my leg and somehow I’ve bumped my nose – its throbbing. I’m running out of bags of ’emergency peas’ looks like using the chicken nuggets or Ikea meatballs next!! I thought this cycling m’larkey was meant to keep you healthy!!!

nearly 5 miles pedaled

Taking Boris for mending……..

Bring it on



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