A Colour Run Catch Up



The day after watching Le Grand Depart disaster struck. I’m not really sure why ,though I am mainly blaming it on dancing in a field, but my knee did its best dying swan act and gave up. Come lunchtime I was in agony, it kept locking and the pain was akin to childbirth (not that I’d know I had a section!) it got worse. Come tea time I was jumping out of my seat with shooting pains, hubby had heard enough and dragged me off to A & E -for once I didn’t protest! I  managed to avoid punching the nice doctor as he tried to bend my leg (just) the prognosis wasn’t good – he thought I’d torn my knee ligament again -joy!! It couldn’t have come at a worse time I was due to go on a school residential and I had a charity race to do. The residential didn’t happen for once I listened, the race, on the other hand did -I’d stopped listening by then!!!

I’d never done a colour run before, it was in aid of the local hospice and we were running in memory of my workmates dad. It was great fun, you all threw paint over one another before you started and then, at various places on the route, the race sponsors threw more paint at you – bliss! Maybe it was the crutches giving cause for sympathy, but I got off quite lightly, though my hair looked like it had had a blue rinse for the best part of a week, most people were covered. Still it was great fun, we raised lots of money and I would definitely do it again, dodgy knee permitting!!

Great colour Run Fun

So Glad it Didn’t Rain

Bring it on!!






Snowy Standstill…..Maybe not

Here we go again -3 flakes of snow and the whole country comes to a standstill, every news bulletin is full of reports of just how bad things are -except they’re not! Granted here in West Yorkshire we’ve had more than 3 flakes, more of a light covering but it’s no major issue. Had it not been for my dodgy knee I’d have been out running as usual and the only reason I took the car instead of Boris this morning was because I needed to buy 10 x 4 pints of milk for work and I don’t think I could have pedaled with all that hanging on my handle bars. People need to get a grip!! My only real issue with the snow was the fact it came down on a work day -why couldn’t it have come on my day off so I would have time to take lots of snowy pictures!! So I had to make the best of the time I had. No doubt my neighbour opened her curtains and wondered what the ‘loony next door’ was up to now, as I stood on the garden bench in my jim jams taking pictures of a snowy bush, but 6:30 this morning was the only chance. Well apart from this evening when I was hanging out of the attic window intending to take pictures of the snowy rooftops -but I got distracted by the moon…..oh well!!

No running or cycling but had a great swim

Hopefully not snowed in tomorrow (a-hem!)

Bring it on

Mud,Glorious Mud…..

Participant-LogoThankfully the weatherman got it wrong (again) meaning hubby and I had a chance to fit a sneaky 7 mile bike ride in,  not a flake of snow or a dusting of frost to be seen. Although it was somewhat chilly and has got colder as the day as gone on it wasn’t chilly enough for the huge muddy puddles to harden -boy were we in a state when we got back -loved every minute of it and managed to make it through all the mud without stopping -it was bloody hard work and my legs are like jelly (so are hubbys!) but still glad we took that route all the same. Thats 41 miles I’ve cycled this week and I am so chuffed – Janathon continues despite my dodgy knee.

7 miles cycled

81 miles logged so far

Bring it on



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