Compact Comics…….

Comic Relief Day dawned and the Methodist J & I kids had fallen for our  little white lie (more like huge whopping one) hook, line and sinker (well most of them did). After 2 weeks of promotional films and ridiculous plugging  they truly believed that a brand new dance act, ‘COMPACT’, just back from touring the U.S.A no less, were coming to our school to perform in Assembly -whoops!! Shame it was just us – 5 staff out to make idiots of ourselves for a good cause.

 To be honest it went pretty well (I think -I haven’t seen the video yet!), the months of never-ending practice (2 weeks!) paid of and judging by the screams (of laughter) we put on a pretty decent show. I loved every minute of it -even the ‘being so nervous I couldn’t eat my weetabix’ bit. For me it was a childhood dream come true – I always longed to be a dancer but I had 2 left feet and didn’t know my left from my right -it was never going to happen. So today was my Jim’ll fix It moment (the bit where you got a badge not the ongoing enquiry bit) my five minutes as possibly the oldest street dancer out there. Mmmm I wonder what we can do next…….

Best Friday in ages

The weekends here

Bring it on!!

It’s not how you start it’s how you finish……one day I will!!!

Well so much for the holiday heaven and getting stuff done, before I knew it I was back at work and now it’s nearly Friday – and so far not a blog done. (well I did a sneaky post on my rugby blog but that was just to get something off my chest  – it helped). So did I get done all I wanted to do in the hols -er…No. It wasn’t for lack of trying, believe me. I never flaming well stopped. But I didn’t realise just how much clutter I seem to have gathered over the past couple of years. So now instead of the clutter being contained in the spare room it’s everywhere, either waiting to be put back in the room it should go in or it’s in the ‘Do I stay or go’ pile. Thankfully, now I’ve given up the ‘sorting the rugby’ team job (Yes I know I supposedly gave it up last year and took it back on, but no more. The fingers are well and truly burned!) I’m going to have loads of time on my hands. Or at least that’s the plan -for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve already managed to get myself into another ‘Oh, that’ll be a laugh’ situation. I can’t moan, it was my stupid idea. I can’t reveal what it is (yet) other than it’s for Comic Relief. Hopefully it all goes to plan and none of us end up in casualty -way my luck is going a lately I think I could be first. Oh well it’s all in a good cause……..

Trying to get organised

Miracles do happen -honest

Bring it on



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