Lazy Days and Sundays…….Maybe Not!!

So, no dingy needed this morning  however the bike ride was cancelled due to me not fancying an impromptu flying lesson – windy, just a bit and they way my luck has been going lately I didn’t fancy getting blown into the canal. At least when you run your feet, more often than not stay on the ground but wheels don’t seem to work in quite the same way – oh well. If I could ,I would have swapped the bike ride for a run but I am trying to do what the physiotherapist said and only run 2 miles every 3 days (it’s every 2 days from tomorrow – bring it on!!) so I abandoned all forms of exercise and went shopping instead. Retail therapy a bit like physiotherapy but costs less!!!

A lazy Sunday – well apart from cooking a Sunday Roast and changing the beds

Back to the early morning run tomorrow

Bring it on.

Frosty Fun…….Maybe not!!!

I know, I know. I look a complete tit with Jacks bright red woolly hat on under my red cycle helmet – a bit like an unlit match – but this morning was bloody freezing and I couldn’t face  ‘I can’t feel my ear lugs’ syndrome for the second week running. Today was possibly the coldest cycle to date, only 7 miles as that’s all time would allow, and my first attempt at cycling through frosty puddles. Did I like it?  Well if the fact that I’ve still got my nails imprinted on the palms of my hands is anything to go by – no! I guess I haven’t got my cycling confidence back yet, still  it’s only been two weeks since I got knocked off  – I’ll be fine. I still enjoyed it though -hopefully we’ll have time to go out again tomorrow -though listening at the rain lashing down – we may need a dingy!!

7 frosty miles cycled

More of the same tomorrow (without the frost)

Bring it on



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