Holiday Heaven………….

It will be tidy soon.......

It will be tidy soon…….

Well it’s day two of the half term holidays and carnage still reigns in the spare room (both of them!). It’s the weathers fault. For those in the know I’m an outdoor kind of girl, so if you think I’m going to stay in sorting the chaos that remains after decorating Jacks room (that’s the downside of spare rooms -they become dumping grounds!) while the sun shines,you’ve got another thing coming! So I’ve washed the car, washed the windows inside and out (the house ones not the car) tidied the garden, returned the cat shit to its appropriate owner (next door but three) well come on, why can’t it shit in its own garden? I did put it in a carrier bag first, I could have just wanged it over her lawn. I’m sure if I sent my guinea pig round to crap on her garden she’d have something to say -except he’s been dead  months (R.I.P fluff) but you get the idea.

I have done a little more sorting today (I lasted an hour) but the call of the sunshine was too great and I abandoned it for a walk by the river with Jack and his mate. While Jack is quite used to the pace of my power walks, with the odd break thrown in to photograph something, his mate clearly isn’t. I thought I was going to have to carry him the last mile home. Still he must have enjoyed it, he asked if we could go again – on our bikes. I’ll pedal slow……..honest!!

Loving the sun

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on



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