A Colour Run Catch Up



The day after watching Le Grand Depart disaster struck. I’m not really sure why ,though I am mainly blaming it on dancing in a field, but my knee did its best dying swan act and gave up. Come lunchtime I was in agony, it kept locking and the pain was akin to childbirth (not that I’d know I had a section!) it got worse. Come tea time I was jumping out of my seat with shooting pains, hubby had heard enough and dragged me off to A & E -for once I didn’t protest! I  managed to avoid punching the nice doctor as he tried to bend my leg (just) the prognosis wasn’t good – he thought I’d torn my knee ligament again -joy!! It couldn’t have come at a worse time I was due to go on a school residential and I had a charity race to do. The residential didn’t happen for once I listened, the race, on the other hand did -I’d stopped listening by then!!!

I’d never done a colour run before, it was in aid of the local hospice and we were running in memory of my workmates dad. It was great fun, you all threw paint over one another before you started and then, at various places on the route, the race sponsors threw more paint at you – bliss! Maybe it was the crutches giving cause for sympathy, but I got off quite lightly, though my hair looked like it had had a blue rinse for the best part of a week, most people were covered. Still it was great fun, we raised lots of money and I would definitely do it again, dodgy knee permitting!!

Great colour Run Fun

So Glad it Didn’t Rain

Bring it on!!






The ‘No Blog’ blog………

Well, so much for the school holidays starting, giving me a chance to catch up on the blogging! Here we are,week five and I still haven’t started (well I have now but you know what I mean!) Any way, let’s get the excuses out of the way first.

There was the end of term madness (it gets more chaotic every year), we went to watch ‘Le Grand Depart’ in Yorkshire, I bust my knee (again), spent three weeks on crutches and am waiting to see the consultant (again), he’s not going to be happy! I ran (hobbled) a colour run while on crutches -photos to follow at some point. I’ve had lots of physio, and can now cycle on the flat (which is hilarious as Wakefield is as hilly as hell), but I smiled sweetly and promised to cycle on the flat. I spent a week writing a personal statement, I’ll tell you why if it pays off. We had a fab holiday in Ibiza (more to follow), a fortnight with no internet was bizarre to say the least and then I started to decorate the bathroom, which in true Dawn-style, turned into painting the whole house (apart from the cellar), by Friday I couldn’t move but the house looks fab!! So finally, I’ve got some spare time. In between the hunt for school shoes, when are shops going to realise that not every school kid wants to look like a TOWIE reject, and sell normal shoes, finishing my R.E planning (what do I know about Buddha!?!?) and heading to London to watch the Challenge cup final ( I hate to say this, but, ‘Come on Cas’) I promise to catchup.

How has the holidays managed to pass so quick?

Promise to get the blog back on track (again)

Bring it on!!


Blog Back on Track………For Now!!

The thing is, from my birthday right up until our Wedding Anniversary, things always seem to go the same way – 5 weeks of complete and utter madness. This year is clearly proving to be no different.(Hence no blog!) What with 8 family birthdays within the space of 16 days (guess where my wage has gone this month!) the usual chaos for the last few weeks of the school year, rugby, cycling and the more mundane tasks such as the housezzzzzzzzzzzzzwork, there is very little spare time. No wonder I’m always ready for the ‘big holidays’, not that I take things any easier then but you get the idea.

Just to add to the fun, Jack has broken his ankle -joy. Poor kid, he went over on it during a rugby game and we thought it was just a sprain. It was only the fact that he looked so unwell that made me take him to A&E (I knew that pediatric 1st aid would come in useful one day -good job I listened to it all!!) So now he’s been potted for a week and is back at the hospital on Tuesday. Great for a kid who loves sitting still -unfortunately he doesn’t. God knows what they’re going to make of his grass stained pot when he goes back. Thank god hubby is taking him on Tuesday – the woman who potted it was a right miserable cow. Don’t think she’ll be too impressed with the state of it -maybe if he tells her he can still kick for goal with one leg………..maybe not!!!

Just to add even more fun to the fun, school deemed Jack a health and safety risk and he wasn’t allowed back until a care plan was in place -that took them until Wednesday, the world’s gone mad!!!

Had a lovely weekend in the sun

Anyone got any top tips for keeping an active teenager still

Bring it on





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