Saturday nights alright for …………………………

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At last, a sleep in, not that I got much sleep -howling winds and attic bedrooms don’t match. Needless to say the long distance bike ride (which isn’t very far at the moment) didn’t happen. Still, there’s always the gym – I am starting to get used to it, I just wish it was outside, I like fresh air and rain and mud, you don’t get any of those things in a gym. You do, however, have fabulous showers that I could stay in all day and a spa pool to die for, it’s not all bad!!

So after, the cross trainer, bike, weights and a short swim, I’m now sat revising for next weeks mock gcse science exam, I lead such an exciting life, I guess Saturday nights are alright for partying when you’re not working full-time, studying for a degree, science gcse and trying to be a mum – it will all be worth it, eventually!!

Lots of exercise done

Treating myself to a martini

images (2)Bring it on!!!

Does Filing Count……………….

comp39_demoNo I don’t mean filing my nails, before you ask – I wish I had it would have been easier No, I seem to have spent the majority of the day running up and down stairs transferring files from one computer to another, I wish I’d never started. My computer, where I sort all my photos (don’t worry I’m buying an external hard drive very soon) is over run with ridiculous amounts of Junior Rugby League photos. Now I did think about sorting through them and keeping the best ones, but there are thousands of them. I was so busy the second half of last season that I never sorted them properly ( I’ll have loads of time this season – this season I really am going to be just a watching mum, there’s only so many times you can get dumped on and this time I’ve learned my lesson!) So I decided the best option was to stick them all onto discs (all 25GB of them) only problem was my computer upstairs didn’t want to play at putting them onto disc and for some reason (I’m blaming the rain) I couldn’t share them on the network. So the only option was to transfer them by memory stick from one computer to another – hence the many trips up and down stairs. Still it’s all done now – nearly!!

Stair climbing hasn’t been my only exercise though I did make it onto the cross trainer -I wish I hadn’t. My knee throbbed all the way through I only managed ten minutes – I’m blaming the snow walking yesterday, I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow. C’mon knee, only four more days to go!!

3km will have to do

Bike or swim tomorrow

Bring it on

Jan ‘Hula’thon…………..

Normally around about now I’d be warning you about the rant to come, but for once you’re relatively safe. Jack’s parents evening went pretty well really. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the school or the staff that I have an issue with (not all the time anyway) it’s the whole system of levels and targets that is so flawed. If you achieve a target  a new one should be set -that’s common sense but not for our ridiculous education system where you can only show a certain level of progress for each school year -if you go above that then its hardlines!! Still Jack’s doing well and that’s all I needed to hear.1397435_girl_with_hulahoop

The downside of going to Jacks parents evening was it messed up my planned Janathon activities (pft) – I didn’t have time to fit a walk in after work so  I intended to walk this evening -only the big freeze has arrived -bigstyle! The only way to get off our street is to crawl on hands and knees -not a good look. So I had to resort to the cross-trainer which I used to love but now it’s bloody hard work -hubby’s amazing diy skills (he’s rubbish!) mean it’s stuck on level 8 -ouch!! Still I manged 10 minutes, did a weights session and lasted all the way through ‘happy hour again’ (housemartins) with the hula hoop. Now I can’t move……..

All in the name of Janathon!

Hope I can move tomorrow

Bring it on

Homework Helper for Hire

So at 7:30 this morning I was frantically sorting homework out…………….but it wasn’t Jacks but one of his friends from school! Poor Megan didn’t understand the online probability task so she sent Jack a photo of the screen and asked for help -why? Because my dear darling son told her I was good at helping!!  Needless to say we ran out of time, but not to worry, Megan has got a reprieve until Friday meaning I could ‘help’ her out a little more this evening -like I’d nothing else to do. Have you ever tried to explain probability by text message? I think she got there in the end, but I’ve told her not to worry- it’s taken me 40 years to get the hang of it, and she’ll never use it anyway. Mmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said the last bit.

No bike ride today, it was well and truly banging it down this morning and I felt mean letting Jack walk for the bus just so I could burn a few extra calories. Plus after all the prodding and poking yesterday I think my knee needed a rest. So I had another go on the cross trainer instead. I think I’ve solved the reason why I’m finding it so hard – It seems to be stuck on the highest level. It doesn’t matter whether you have the dial on 1 or 8 ,it’s just the same – bloody hard work. Still I managed another 10 minutes before my legs turned to jelly – I think it’s time to get the spanner out (for the cross trainer not my legs)

Now I need to sneak in a couple of catch-up bike rides, so (and I know I’m going to regret this) I’ve done my ‘Asda Big Shop’ online – eek. So I don’t need to take the car tomorrow. The thing is I don’t have a lot of  luck with Asda Online shopping. Some of the substitutes you get when things are out of stock are unbelievable – frozen tuna steaks instead of tinned tuna – great for hubbys sandwiches,hot cross buns instead of malt loaf(well they are similar!) and fish fingers instead of fab lollies…….Just what you need to cool you down – a fish finger!!! Hopefully the bike ride will be worth the dodgy shopping.

Homework help finished

Maybe I should start a homework club

Bring it on!


Weather Men get it Wrong…….Again!!

Despite it being a Monday morning within 5 minutes of the alarm going off I had stripped the bed and loaded it in the washer – I was definitely on the ball. Alas the weatherman was not  and last nights forecast was a complete balls up – not once did he mention rain or even a ‘ickle chance’ of it. So why 10 minutes after loading the washing machine was it hammering it down…….Great. Still there were signs of blue sky, shame they didn’t appear until after I’d cycled to work!!

Mind you I got just as wet on the ride home – another’ hoseasons bike ride’, it was ace.I don’t think the passing dog walker could believe what he was seeing – a grown woman pedalling through puddles at breakneck speed – I suppose me ‘wahooing’ didn’t help. But we all need to let off steam now and then….

Once home I re-draped the almost dry washing over the soon to come on radiators and had another attempt on the cross trainer….Well I was no worse than yesterday, but no better either. Maybe it just needs breaking in a bit – I can’t have lost all my fitness so quickly – or maybe I should have let my legs recover from the bike ride before jumping on. But I wanted it out of the way so I could get on with the housework. I’d just lugged my Hoover up 2 flights of stairs when Jack uttered my favourite word in the whole wide world ‘homework’.

To be fair he’d  done most of it (online Maths!!) but was stuck on the challenge- which they don’t have to do but he seems to be after brownie points (swot) He didn’t tell me it was probability – whats the probability of me ever understanding probability – zilch. But wait…….I got it, no idea how and I will  probably never do it again but for once I was a homework help not a hinderance. Now whats the probability of me finishing the housework…..

7+ miles of puddles splashed through

A steady walk tomorrow

Bring it on!!

The Camera Shy Dragonfly…………….

So hubby survived the lads  night out relatively unscathed and home by half past one – lightweight. I lasted until 3 o clock the last time I went out!!! Alas he didn’t awake refreshed enough to go out for our weekly bike ride, but a fry-up at the local garden centre gave him enough energy to do the ironing before he retired to the sofa for a rest. Meanwhile Jack and I took full advantage of the glorious weather and headed out to the local nature park.

It was a lovely walk and Jack spent time catapulting any thing that moved while I went and played with my camera, although I got some ok shots I failed in my mission to get the dragonfly I was after – every time I got the flaming thing in shot it flew off – I lost patience in the end. Maybe I should stick to the rugby photos…..

Once home it was time to give my reassembled cross trainer a go. With running still a no go I need to do something else and I’m now glad I didn’t sell it when I bought my treadmill – who needs to go to the gym, I’ve got it all. So how was it…….bloody hard work. I used to be able to do hours on it, I managed 10 minutes. It’s a start, just not the one I wanted.

Feeling like an unfit lump of lard

Cycling and Cross trainer tomorrow

Bring it on



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