Back on Boris……..

Well I did it, Boris and I are back on track, I am a cyclist again – wahoo!! Pretty relieved really as to say I was nervous was an understatement. I have to admit to losing a little confidence. Still todays 13 miler with hubby through mud and puddles by the canal was just what the doctor ordered (well the doctor told me to keep popping pills and rest – but you know what I mean!) So I just need to conquer the rush hour traffic on Monday morning and all will be fine. Shame my shoulder isn’t as happy with my comeback as I am but no pain no gain.

An early blog today as we’re off to a Race night at the rugby club tonight, always good for a laugh, and then it’s up and off tomorrow as Jack’s team are in the Semi- Finals of the Yorkshire Cup . Cross everything so they win – getting to the Finals for the second year in a row will be awesome. C’mon Crigg.

13 miles cycled

Sore but happy

Bring it on



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