Planes, Trains and Automobiles……..Oh and a FlyMo!

Well to be honest it was more bikes, cars and helicopters than Planes, trains and automobiles but that would have been a crap title – but all in all it’s been one of the most bizarre Saturdays we’ve had in while.

The morning started with Hubby diving out of bed to go out to play on his new bike – I know, I know he already had a perfectly good bike (see link to previous blog) but that was the problem it was too good to be let out of the cellar. So the bubble wrap bike is now up for sale and we’ve now got two more bikes in the house – one for off-road and one for on (!) I have one bike that does both and was a fraction of the cost but……………..Boy’s and their toys!!!

Anyway this new toy meant he came back a happy boy (well middle-aged dude!) this morning. The off-road route I sent him on meant he had loads of fun – so much fun that we’re off to do it together tomorrow morning (we’re child free) not on the same bike – I’m not having a crog on a mountain bike thank you very much!!! Talking of mountain bikes – did you see them loonies in the Olympics today and I thought the BMX  lot were mental!!

So biking done we nipped out to do a few jobs and ended up buying a car. Don’t get me wrong one of the jobs on our list was to go looking at cars – but not buy one. It’s a bit of a saga to be honest but to shorten it for you……….Once upon a time I had a lovely car,Colin the Corsa. Colin was getting on a bit so Hubby sold him and bought Peter the Peugeot – nasty Peter. I hated him! A few weeks ago Colin came back on the market, someone wanted to buy Peter (are you keeping up) so Colin came home!!! Sadly the buyer of Peter changed her mind (boo) and we haven’t sold him yet. On Tuesday Colin left my life for the second time. Naffed off – not kidding. Anyway today we went to look at other options…..Archie the Aygo will be with us on Monday!!!!

As I said earlier, we’re child free at the moment. Jack was due to go paintballing tomorrow for a friend’s birthday but then he was invited to go stay tonight and get this – go for a flight in a helicopter. Eek! OTT birthday 

 I thought but oh no. Birthday boy’s dad flies all the time. ‘Posh People alert’ I thought, but no, down to earth normal people. Granted, my house and garden would fit in their shed, but there was no need for airs and graces – not that I can do airs and graces. I am what I am…………….Bit scary watching your son taking off in a helicopter – even scarier watching your Hubby have a go- he can’t stand on top of the step ladders without feeling giddy!!

So have hubby and I made the most of a child free night. Er, well come on do you really think we were going to go out with the Olympics on – no chance. So we’ve watched Mo Fly, the Jamaicans whoop the Americans (get in) gold in the boxing and after all that Tom Daley’s had to deal with he brought home the bronze – Go Team GB

What a super Saturday

Mountain Biking with the Hubby in the morning

Bring it on

Colin the Corsa is Coming Home

Now when most people change their car they change it for a newer model. Well as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m not most people. So not only is the car I’ve  bought an older car than the one I currently own , but its also my old car that I sold less than 2 years ago. Yep, the car that I wished I’d never sold has come home. Why I ever replaced I’ll never know. I hated its replacement – I never even named it (most of my cars have had names) I hated it that much. So when I heard that Colin was back on the market I jumped at the chance to get him back. Yipee…..

Despite being a day of feeling so tired I could have dropped off in the middle of maths it has had its high points, and not just Colin. Two more letters arrived today from Jack’s schools. Uh oh you may think, well not really. Jack seems to have grabbed high school opportunities with both hands and we’ve had loads of positive feedback but todays was the best.Not only has he got 3 A’s for his drum lessons, but he is also having a short (mega short) story printed in a book. Our ‘I hate English’ son!!  And it’s all his own work, not even something I’ve pulled teeth helping him with when he’s had English homework. Chuffed – you’re not kidding!!!

A Great Day

Sleep in Tomorrow

Bring it on



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