Big Dance………….Done

It’s days like today when I know that not only do I have the right job but I have a job I love. Working with kids is the best job in the world. It’s been a long week all in all, what with the SAT’s and all the stresses and strains that come with them.  But today was a great way to finish a tough week.

For year Six, the morning started with bacon and sausages sandwiches, celebrating the end of SAT’s, then some  of us spent playtime putting the finishing touches to the ‘Big Dance’, ready for the main event at One o Clock. Post playtime saw me in year 2 – more finishing touches. They were definately ready.

Thankfully the rain stayed away so the whole school were all able to go out onto the playground and take part, together, and take part they did. From nursery through to year Six and some bigger kids of varying ages (the staff!) they all joined in. So now, fingers crossed, we’re World Record Breakers -‘The Largest Simultaneous Dance Routine – Multi Venue’. And I’ve loved every minute of it, wonder what we can do next……………………………………

Big Dance Done

Looking for something else to now!

Bring it on

Whole School Dance

Taking the Lead



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