Day Four and a Trip Down Memory Lane

So day four dawned, the rainy weather continued, still I’d lots to do before my pre-tea (evening meal if you don’t do tea!) run. According to the weatherman it was going to brighten up. For once they were right. So with the shopping, housework and homework (the art project is hogging the front room) all but done, it was time to don my new running socks and that’s when the trip down memory lane began……

I clearly need to look more carefully when buying new socks, the first pair I put on were fab, granted they’re now grey from running through muddy puddles but they are very comfy. So I got another new pair out tonight. Slight problem -they must have been on the wrong rail. I haven’t worn knee-high socks since school -it wasn’t a pretty sight, I’m no Paula Radcliffe. Thankfully my running tights hid them from view. In all honesty I will wear them again but not when the shorts weather comes.

Next up on memory lane was my long since redundant Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) but with my iPhone doing a man impression and failing to multi task I decided to give it another go. For once it worked -I’m impressed but will it last? With the technology sorted just the run to get through. Finally after a year of non running I felt like a real runner again, good pace, no knee moaning and carrying on and my lungs were on fire -bliss. Granted it was only 1.3 miles round the block, but for the first time in nearly 18 months I think the comeback is well and truly on. Thankyou Jananthon.

Another short run in the bag.

Cycling again tomorrow

Bring it on



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