Whoosh……..that’ll be the weekend then!!!

images (4)Well I thought last weekend went fast, this one must be a world record. But that’s the joys of studying and working all at the same. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Uni yesterday, in fact I’d go as far as to say it was the best one so far. Plenty of talking by us, instead of listening to the lecturers, meant the day flew by, I never looked at my watch once and before I knew it I was home. Granted I was knackered, but it was a happy knackered, if you can have such a thing. So on to today which was all about reading and research, I’ve got lots done and even managed to squeeze in some time on the exercise bike and my physio exercises – time to chill I think, it’ll be morning before I know it.

Great if tiring weekend, managed to fit the exercise in -just.

Back in the pool in the morning.

Bring it on!!

Wahoo its Monday……That can’t be right!!

untitled (3)

Well actually, it is. Granted I don’t normally celebrate Mondays with that much enthusiasm but today was slightly different. Firstly I got on the scales, great news 2.5lbs lost -the healthy eating and exercise is paying of. Next, I plucked up the courage to check my feedback from my first assignment, I was going to leave it until after work just in case it hadn’t gone to plan!! I’m glad I checked, subject to a second opinion due to scoring over 70%, I’ve passed – I’m just a little bit chuffed, at least the ‘not having a life’ due to studying is paying off. So with all that good news I went for a pre-work swim to celebrate  I really do know how to have a good time!!!

40 lengths done

back to the study

Bring it on!!!

Saturday nights alright for …………………………

images (2)

At last, a sleep in, not that I got much sleep -howling winds and attic bedrooms don’t match. Needless to say the long distance bike ride (which isn’t very far at the moment) didn’t happen. Still, there’s always the gym – I am starting to get used to it, I just wish it was outside, I like fresh air and rain and mud, you don’t get any of those things in a gym. You do, however, have fabulous showers that I could stay in all day and a spa pool to die for, it’s not all bad!!

So after, the cross trainer, bike, weights and a short swim, I’m now sat revising for next weeks mock gcse science exam, I lead such an exciting life, I guess Saturday nights are alright for partying when you’re not working full-time, studying for a degree, science gcse and trying to be a mum – it will all be worth it, eventually!!

Lots of exercise done

Treating myself to a martini

images (2)Bring it on!!!

Where’s Poly Gone…….


I really didn’t mean to reduce my maths class to hysterical laughter, I just couldn’t help myself. I’d said it before I even realised. A whole lot louder than I thought.
I’m blaming the long day, the excitement of the snow ( all 3 flakes!!) the fact that it’s almost half term……
Well come on, it is the oldest joke in the book. So when the tutor asked me to define a polygon……..
Yep!!! I did!!
Is it a dead parrot!?!?
Thankfully the tutor laughed louder than anyone!!
I didn’t mean to be the class clown
I’ll be good tomorrow 😘
Bring it on!!!

F F F F F freezing……………….and a little bit busy!!


I’m freezing, I’ve spent the day freezing. The cycle to work was freezing, work was freezing, the wind chill on the cycle home was freezing, college was freezing, I’m so cold I could pass for a fish finger, well maybe not but you  get the idea!! Still, I love the great outdoors,whatever the weather which is a good job because when I left college it was wanging it down, I may be rowing to work not cycling tomorrow!!

5 ish miles cycled

90 squats

14 push-up type things


work done

3 hours of ‘nth term’ at college

I love never having a minute

Bring it on!!!


Early start + Late finish = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Soooooooooo tired!!!!

Janathon day seven and on the plus side by 6:15 this morning both my run and day two of the 30 day ab challenge were in the bag -wahoo!! Downside -not only was I working but I had a two hour safeguarding course after work and then 3 hours of GCSE maths at college – it was a looonnnngggggg day!!!

Finally I’ve just sat down, I’ve got algebraic equations and inequalities frazzling my brain and I’m wondering just when I’m going to fit all this weeks homework in with everything else -lunchtime studying anyone!?!?!?!

A speedy run done

On the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Last Man Standing………

So Tuesday has come around again, and for me that can only mean one thing -college night. And joy of joys, tonight was 5 week exam night -eek. Except for me it’s only been three weeks as I started after some of the others, would it matter? Seemingly not. I suppose it kind of helped when the exam paper they stuck under my  nose was the past paper I’d already had a go at, better still I’d only done it last night. I did my best not to jump up and down with glee, I was in with a chance.

I was feeling pretty confident, until they said we had an online thing to do as well. Oh well, it couldn’t be that bad. It wasn’t, at least not to start with. But then people started finishing and logging off and my questions were still coming. apparently the more questions you get right the more questions you get, only they get harder. One hour 5 minutes later, some 20 minutes after the last person had finished a big tick appeared on my screen. I’d done. Seems I remembered a whole lot more maths than I ever recall learning -whoops.

Turning into the class swot

The revision is paying off

Bring it on.



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