Fluffy Feet………………..Maybe Not!!

You can tell it’s cold – the fluffy socks have made their way out of the wardrobe. I haven’t made it out of bed once this week without having to put my socks on first. It’s not a good look but I really don’t care – needs must and my poor little tootsies are feeling it at the moment. To be fair my feet don’t get treated too kindly – I drag them out in all weathers be it on the bike or running and there has been so much rain and surface water around lately its a wonder I haven’t got trench foot!!

Today has been no different. This afternoon I had lots of layers on for year 5 Hockey (I was quite good today I only took one player out – shame she was on my side,whoops) but I forgot my socks. Brrr. I still hadn’t thawed out when I went out running with my friend. To be honest we nearly turned back, a cross between rain and hail lashed down and it bloody well hurt. Gill couldn’t feel her face and I couldn’t feel my ears on the plus side we ran a whole lot faster. Now the fluffy socks are back on and I’m thawing out …………..slowly!

2.3 miles done.

Warming up slowly

Bring it on

Roll on Next Sunday …………..

cold-feetWell I was intending to blog about Jacks League winners presentation – but I won’t bother, it didn’t exactly go to plan. You can’t have a presentation without trophies. Don’t get me wrong they turned up eventually – just a few hours later than expected. To be honest it’s a long story and a good idea that didn’t work. Hence lots of complaining¬† from lots of people – all I can say is roll on this time next Sunday when it will no longer be my problem. Why I ever said I’ll sort stuff to till the end of the season when we ended up with no manager I’ll never know. But I’ve learned my lesson after the best part of 4 seasons sorting stuff out I won’t be taking it on again.

On the brighter side, hubby and I had a fab bike ride this morning,13 miles of ¬†beautiful frosty sunshine. I only wish I’d taken my camera. It was the sort of morning that if time had allowed we would have stopped for a coffee by the riverside – lets hope for a frosty christmas holidays – I know where we’ll be heading.

13 miles cycled

Anyone got any top tips for keeping my feet warm

Bring it on




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