The Camera Shy Spider -He’s such a Fungi………..

As I lay wide awake at six this morning I decided to give it another couple of hours and then get the bike out, 2 hours passed ‘five more minutes and I’ll get up’, I thought. Next time I looked it was ten o clock and I’d finally had some sleep – no early morning bike ride then. Time for a sausage sandwich instead! In the end I swapped some time on Boris for a walk along the river and some time with my camera -come on it’s been at least 3 days since I last played out with it -well apart from last night at Jack’s rugby presentation night -but that’s different.

So off I set, walking at a decent pace, laden with camera bag and new lightweight tripod (so lightweight I forgot to use it!! ) I now know that I also need to add some sort of rug/mat and some tree clippers to my camera kit. At this time of year I’m finding that the best things for close up work are down in the undergrowth or hidden in overgrowth (you know what I mean the covered up bits). So I either need to lay down low or cut my way in and out. Today I managed to climb under some branches to get a good shot of some fungi but then I was stuck in the brambles (hence the need for clippers) and I got a great shot of a spider’s web -it would have been a good shot of the spider as well until it ran off ! But I had to lay on the path (hence the mat) I think the couple walking by thought I’d passed out until I explained I was looking for spiders, then they clearly thought I was from the local loony bin -whoops!!

Still it was a great way to add some more miles to my Janathon total – that’s 30+ miles this week. Not bad to say I’ve got a niggly knee. Day six done!

First Janathon week over

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on!

Macro Manoeuvres

So with the sun out it was time to head out and play with my new macro filter – perfect conditions. Shame the sun was playing at silly buggers and by the time I got to my destination it was playing the best hide and seek game ever -it had hidden for the day, add to that the wind had got up,so the things I wanted to take close up shots of were merrily waving about -brill!! Still I’m not one to give up -and I wasn’t going to head home with no photos having already walked nearly 2 miles so I improvised.

Now crawling about in bushes isn’t really my thing, but the wind wasn’t getting lower down in the undergrowth and needs must. I must confess I got some strange looks from passers-by,(let’s be honest, it’s not the first time!) especially the ones I made jump crawling out from banking (really sorry). By the time I got home I was filthy -but I had fun. Granted the weather didn’t help me get the shots I wanted and I’m not sure whether I should leave my UV filter lens on or off with the close up filter but it wasn’t a bad first time effort – time to do some more research.

Had fun playing out with my camera

Hoping for better weather tomorrow (!)

Bring it on



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