Last Man Standing………

So Tuesday has come around again, and for me that can only mean one thing -college night. And joy of joys, tonight was 5 week exam night -eek. Except for me it’s only been three weeks as I started after some of the others, would it matter? Seemingly not. I suppose it kind of helped when the exam paper they stuck under my  nose was the past paper I’d already had a go at, better still I’d only done it last night. I did my best not to jump up and down with glee, I was in with a chance.

I was feeling pretty confident, until they said we had an online thing to do as well. Oh well, it couldn’t be that bad. It wasn’t, at least not to start with. But then people started finishing and logging off and my questions were still coming. apparently the more questions you get right the more questions you get, only they get harder. One hour 5 minutes later, some 20 minutes after the last person had finished a big tick appeared on my screen. I’d done. Seems I remembered a whole lot more maths than I ever recall learning -whoops.

Turning into the class swot

The revision is paying off

Bring it on.



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