So I’m having an early night, it’s not been the best of days if I’m honest . Come 10:30 I was back home from work, the school lurgy that I’d tried to stave off all weekend with buscopan and Imodium had won. Shouting for Huey was not really the way I wanted to start the week. Things got no better as the day wore on, hubby’s car decided to join the sick list, spewed oil all over the road and refused to budge. So that’s two of us in the sick bay.
Still at least before I felt the need to stick my head in the toilet I managed to watch the dress rehearsal for the infants nativity play – if you’ve never seen one you really should. Best twenty minutes entertainment you’ll ever see.
Apart from the usual ‘crying one ‘, ‘starstruck one’ and ‘finger up the nose for the entire performance one’ we had the ‘battling sheep two’, (full blown pull the costume war!) the. ‘back to front legged donkey’ one , the ‘do you really expect me to sing I ‘m only three you know’ one and the ‘for gods sake why am I wearing this girly costume’ one. It was ace, fab singing ,great acting and another occasion when I wished I’d had my camera.
Two of us in the sick bay
One will cost a lot less than the other to mend.
Bring it on!


A Non-drip Iron…………………..Maybe Not

trafficjamshutterstock_74043355So another weekend is almost over and yet again I’m sat here wondering where it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a busy one (when is it anything else) but does it have to go so fast. Granted most of Saturday was spent in an alcoholic haze, I didn’t have a hangover, mainly because it was dinnertime before I started to sober up, but I sure as hell knew I’d been out. Yep, Friday night was the staff Christmas night out and yet again I sort of forgot  I’m not 21 anymore, too much dancing and far too much crappy lager (just how are they allowed to sell dishwater!) didn’t make for a lively Dawn. Not a good move really when we were heading to the rugby world cup – still I am proud to say that I was a member of the last man standing gang again so it was worth it…….I think!!

Yesterday we were Manchester bound to watch Australia and England (a girl can dream!) New Zealand play at Old Trafford, seemingly half the population of the UK were heading in the same direction. What should have been an hours journey took well over two, good job we set off early. Still it was a great afternoon out and I am now officially a world record holder – granted so were the other 75,000 people in the crowd but I can now add being part of the largest ever crowd at a rugby league World Cup Final to my other claims to fame (singing at the Royal Albert Hall and having one of The Brotherhood of Man as my babysitter!!)

So after a well deserved lie-in it today was ‘time to catch-up with the housework’ day -all was going well until the iron spluttered its last puff of steam and died -joy. So a quick trip to Homebase was called for, all was going well, I picked a new iron, paid and was back in the car within ten minutes. Then I realised my jeans were soaked (no I’m not at that age yet!!) there was water dripping from the box. So back in I went, the box was opened and it appeared someone had obviously  tried the iron, decided they didn’t like it and returned it -shame they didn’t think to empty the water out first. Shame some one managed to put it on the shop without realising it was leaking – still I got a fiver off for my trouble!!!

Another Weekend gone

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on (!!!)

Christmas Past or Present……………

tree toastIt’s funny how some places are stuck in a time warp, stuck in a time gone by when flock wall paper and flowery carpets were all the rage and don’t forget the little metal teapots that dribble water everywhere when you pour your tea out. Yes, Val’s tea shop is such a place -somewhere I haven’t been in a long time but it hasn’t changed a bit in the last twenty years. Val has long since gone and has been replaced by some gay dude whose even fussier than the original owner. But if me getting my toast served in the shape of a christmas tree didn’t show just how stuck in the good old days the tea shop is then the two ladies who came in wearing their rainmates (do they really still sell those things) certainly did. Still to give the little old ladies their due it was wanging it down.

Yep- the rain has never really let up today, not really christmas weather at all.Still it didn’t stop the last-minute shoppers frantically dashing from shop to shop while the ‘Sally Army’ (I could have stood and listened all day) played christmas carols – and there’s still two shopping days left -can it really get much busier? Still, present wise, I’ve done. Just the last minute foodstuff to get tomorrow and ‘Trev the Turkey’ to collect from the butchers on Monday and that’s it – maybe it’s nearly time for a christmas drink!!

Busy wrapping Prezzies

Did I really buy so much stuff

Oh Well – bring it on.



Nearly done…….

ONE MORE DAY………The parties done (had a right laugh-well naffed off I didn’t win any games, believe me it wasn’t for the lack of trying -even cheating failed!) Santa’s been with the class prezzies -despite the 27 collection numbers sent from Argos there was only one order (thank god). I’ve wrapped 30 little parcels for the little angels in my class, wrote their cards and my newly modified ‘staff christmas hat’ competition entry is in a bag (a huge bag) ready to go. DVD day tomorrow – wahoo (for any parents reading this we will be doing English, Maths, Science and spelling as usual -not!) and then that’s it we’re done. The christmas countdown starts -again!!

Busy Busy half term nearly done

Christmas holidays are nearly here

Bring it on!!

Stress Free is not For Me……………

At last, the weekends here, time to relax and de-stress and boy do I need to. Today truly topped off what has been a crappy week – not sure why it’s felt so crappy but it has. I think the reality that christmas is almost upon us really isn’t helping and believe me when you work in a primary school the four weeks before crimbo are utter madness. There’s carol services, parties, christmas dinners,christmas fairs, cards and calendars to make and the ‘Christmas Production’ – easy….not. This year KS2 will be performing ‘Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem’ a sort of cross between Horrid Henry and the nativity. Big Bad Ben is the innkeepers son (you know – the dude with the stable) Anyway, basically Ben’s a bit of a sod (hence the Big Bad bit) and is horrible to everyone until the day Jesus is born (hope you’re keeping up) then Ben see’s the error of his ways and turns into goody-goody Ben – not nearly as much fun (Joke!) but you’ve got to get the christmas message across at some point in the story!!

No rehearsals today though as it was swimming – joy. Lets just say the move to the new all singing all dancing leisure centre isn’t going as planned and the situation is not helped by having a bus driver that can’t drive. No really, I thought I was a crap driver but I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken me 27 attempts to reverse the bus in the drive (alright it was 6 but then it’s not as dramatic!!) Stressed – just a bit……

Maybe that’s why I wasn’t in the best frame of mind for the ‘Asda Big Shop’ . If it wasn’t bad enough that the place was packed, it was packed with screaming kids that couldn’t behave and their ‘clampit’ parents who were totally oblivious to the fact that there little ‘Jim N Johnnie’ were knocking ten bells of **** out of one another in the next aisle. I wasn’t in there long.

Thankfully I’m less stressed now – amazing what a little run (niggle free) and a bottle of beer can do (not at the same time!) A stress free weekend is on it’s way……

At last its Friday

An easy weekend

Bring it on

Moi Chuff………Maybe Not!!!

Well I did it but it was more through necessity than choice. Yep Boris and I made it back out in the rush hour traffic this morning – to say I was nervous was putting  it mildly, I could have thrown up and had it not being for the fact my car wouldn’t start I don’t think I would have done it. At least some good came out of me leaving the cars internal light on all weekend – whoops.

Despite it being a Monday it hasn’t been too bad a day, I survived the bike ride, Jacks school rugby team are carrying on from his club team and have made it through to the next round of the carniege cup, and we started christmas rehearsals at school……..well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. It doesn’t seem two minutes since last year and eek here we go again. Still it all adds to the fun!

Plenty of fun was had with Jack’s homework tonight – just how did we do French before google translate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a long time since I did French and I’ve forgotten most of it but ‘past participles of irregular verbs’ anyone? Chuff me or ‘Moi Chuff’ depending which language you want it in! Still we got there in the end but did Jack really need to keep cracking up at my Yorkshire French Accent………………

Back on the road

more of the same tomorrow

Bring it on




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