Not the wh-easiest of weeks……………

tiredWell despite it being the last day I dragged and I mean dragged my lazy self out of bed for a ‘ickle run’ (can’t do much else these days!) before work. It’s fair to say it wasn’t my best run but at least it wasn’t my niggly knee causing the problems but my breathing. It was definitely the wheeziest run of the winter so far – I just couldn’t get my breath. Hence a slower run than planned and some very strange looks from a man walking by as I wheezed past.The joys of being an asthmatic runner -still I made it out there, 2.2 miles is better than none at all.

So that’s it now, schools broken up for the holidays. The staff fuddles done, the hat competition is judged -I thought I’d gone OTT – blimey there were some right entries!! The cards and calendars have been sent home and the christmas tree is packed away for another year. The Christmas countdown is over…………..

Meanwhile at home the madness is just beginning – I just about got my cards into the last post, the presents are just about all bought and the asda big shop is just about done – The count downs back on…….

A good week all in all. Jacks art project impressed his teacher so much she sent a letter home to congratulate us him. Ernie is well chuffed! And his ‘Mr Punch’ story (Jack not Ernie) impressed his English teacher so much that it’s on display on the School English Wall. But best of all – no homework for the holidays – wahooo!!

A very busy week is over

Let the christmas fun commence

Bring it on!!



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