Another Room Bites the Dust………………..

Well I got some housework done (how exciting my life is at times) but not really the amount I wanted to do. Various reasons, I couldn’t get in the kitchen as the ever persistent rain ( it never stopped) meant I had to turn it into a chinese laundry and I entered that fateful place ‘Jack’s Bedroom’. Needless to say I never made it to any other room. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a messy kid, it just that we are so busy at times that stuff tends to get shoved in his wardrobe etc until I have more time to sort it. Today was that day.

The fact I had to dismantle Lego Wembley (except it said Wembly on the stand – Jack spelt it wrong) didn’t help – that was nearly an hour and a half gone and I’m not really sure why I bothered – he’ll have built something else this time next week. Hopefully spelt right. But it’s all sorted – for now. Shame about the rest of the place – there’s always tomorrow – well not tomorrow – we’re busy.

Yep tomorrow, for the fourth time this holidays I’m London bound – this time the Paralympics beckons. Jack, my Mum and I have finally got tickets into the Olympic park. Excited – you’re not kidding. It’s going to be a great end to a great holiday.

Another room sorted and a quick sprint done

2.6 miles in 21:56 minutes

Paralympics tomorrow

Bring it on


Jamal be there…………………Soon

So, today was everything yesterday should have been, glorious sunshine and not a rain cloud in sight – well at least until 4 o clock – perfect school trip weather. A day late – brill!! Still on the plus side I finally managed to get some washing dry and the house no longer resembles a chinese Laundry…………..

Kind of typical that the heavens opened the minute we had headed into town still it was a flying visit. We were hoping that the  O2 shop would sort out our iPhone account issues – we need to migrate – don’t ask. Only they were no help so we had to ring customer services – allegedly  ‘english speaking’ customer services. They were about as english as Zola Budd!!!

Why do these people pretend to be English, there was no way on God’s earth that this person was called James – Jamal Patel possibly – but James – never. Still, good old Jim Bob sorted our problem – eventually, but boy was it complicated, so now we’ve got shiny new phones – we can’t actually use them yet but they’re lovely and er shiny!!

So Jamal made us late for my youngest nephews 18th birthday, but we made it in time for the snap – a few sandwiches my sister said. Wish I lived in a little village if that’s what you get for a few sandwiches – yum yum – I’m stuffed. Still can’t believe my baby nephews 18 though.

Perfect Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on



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