Another Ride on the Starship Pinderfields……………….

So, it was back to the hospital today  for the results of my recent tests,and I prayed it would be more successful than my last visit.

I obviously didn’t pray hard enough! On the plus side the big screen system was working – that was the only plus side. I got a sense of what was to come when I got my number for my bloods doing ( works like the meat counter used to do in Asda, pick your number and when they call it, its your turn!) My number was 47 – the counter showed 12, arrghh, I was going to be waiting some time. So I sat and waited, worrying that at this rate I would be late for my clinic. No need to worry, the ‘Big Screen’ said clinic was running 90 minutes late – Bliss!

So it was time for a  bit of people watching, my favourite pastime. Boy was there some sights to see. Would you really walk through a crowded waiting room full of people in a dodgy nightie, just so you could go out for a fag – well plenty of people did. All shapes and sizes they were – and that was just the nighties!! 

Why do I always manage to sit next to people who insist on talking to you even when you don’t really want to. First there was the old couple who complained bitterly that the NHS was going to the dogs because of the foreigners and Polish people – same thing surely?!?! Then there was the single mum of two that were under two and were two different colours – she told me she was a single mum – like I really needed to know. Now she told me how she did the best by her kids and only let them eat proper food – then handed them a bag of Mattesons Chicken something or other – never seen chicken, and a bottle of full fat coke, erm…………..!  Then there was the child from hell, yep screamed and paddied non-stop – he was there with his mum – tatts n tits and a foul gob and his Grandma – tatts no tits , 4 diamond (!) rings on every finger and 6 pairs of dangly earings in each ear – nice family!! ‘Im bored’ child from hell screamed. “f***ing chilax” tatts n tits screamed back – huge gasp from an entire waiting room. It was a relief when I got called to clinic – guess who followed 5 minutes later…………………

“Mmmm. he seems a handful” the nice receptionist in clinic said as child from hell launched himself off the chairs for the tenth time. ” He’s a right f***ing handful” tatts n tits replied – another gasp, even mum of two under 2 that were 2 colours looked shocked. Maybe it’s time to join BUPA!

A waste of a day

The weekend tomorrow

Bring it on!!!




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