Watch out…. Proud Rugby Mum About!!

So the last official game of Jack’s ‘summer rugby’ season today. Yes I know the summer finished months ago but it’s never gone to plan since it started. When they first came up with this ridiculous Summer Rugby idea I imagined lounging by the touch-line basking in glorious sunshine – how wrong can you be. Today we shivered, the wind howled, the sleet tried to fall and my fingers froze to my camera – It was real ‘Brass Monkey’ weather and how the kids kept hold of the ball I’ll never know.On the plus side however, we won and won easily. Today was, on paper, the toughest game so far. Granted the league title is in the bag but we haven’t lost a single game. Today’s opponents had the chance to end our unbeaten run – they failed and it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Yes, today I would have stood in six-foot of snow to watch the quality of rugby on display -which considering they’re only U12’s (nearly 13’s) is pretty impressive. So what now – well there’s the Yorkshire cup competition to come and then we really are going to celebrate all that they’ve achieved this year – big style. Anyone out there want to sponsor a fantastic Rugby League Team for next season please let me know……

Well Done Crigglestone All Blacks U12’s Rugby League team

Unbeaten Champions of Division One

Bring it on




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