Whoosh……..that’ll be the weekend then!!!

images (4)Well I thought last weekend went fast, this one must be a world record. But that’s the joys of studying and working all at the same. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Uni yesterday, in fact I’d go as far as to say it was the best one so far. Plenty of talking by us, instead of listening to the lecturers, meant the day flew by, I never looked at my watch once and before I knew it I was home. Granted I was knackered, but it was a happy knackered, if you can have such a thing. So on to today which was all about reading and research, I’ve got lots done and even managed to squeeze in some time on the exercise bike and my physio exercises – time to chill I think, it’ll be morning before I know it.

Great if tiring weekend, managed to fit the exercise in -just.

Back in the pool in the morning.

Bring it on!!

A Super Weekend and another Shock!!!!

Would you like a dessert!

Would you like a dessert!

So we’re back from our annual pilgrimage to London to watch the Challenge Cup final, it was like a home from home, an all  Yorkshire final. It was hard to decide who we wanted to win, both teams are huge rivals of our own team, Wakefield Trinity. In the end we opted for Castleford, it was the wrong choice – the Rhinos won. Still it was a great weekend, we saw some great sights and some not so great. Never have I seen so many over stretched rugby shirts in one place. Lets just say one team must only sell a one-size-fits-all-shirt and leave it at that.

To be fair the rugby fans weren’t the only ones poured into their clothing, the waitress in our hotel seemed to be suffering from the same fate, maybe that’s why she had the strangest of smiles plastered over her face, she was a dead ringer for Peter Kay’s ‘Geraldine’ and unfortunately, much to the amusement of Jack and I, she took a real shine to my hubby!! He got one of her ‘best’ smiles every time she passed and when she crouched (squatted) down at the side of him and scared him half to death to ask “would you like a dessert?” I failed at keeping a straight face. Needless to say we spent the rest of the weekend avoiding ‘Geraldine!’

Having finally come back down to earth after my maths results last week, today brought even more good news. You may remember me mentioning spending the best part of a week trying to write a personal statement  (more like four days gawping at a blank piece of paper and one day writing -but you get the idea!) Anyway, the whole point of the statement was to try to justify me being accepted onto a part-time degree course without any prior  higher-level education, it worked. I’m back in shock -again!! University, at my age!! Still,why not? I’ve spent years putting everything and everyone before me and my family. Now its time for me to do what’s right for us -I can’t wait!!

A great weekend

great news

Bring it on

The End is in Sight but it’s Time for New Beginnings

So it’s the last day of the holidays, just where did that six weeks go? Whoosh and there it was, gone. Still at least the last week saw us finally get to do a few things that hobbling round on crutches stopped us doing in the first couple of weeks.

To start with there was our annual pilgrimage to Wembley to watch the Challenge Cup final -sadly not a classic game this year, the torrential rain put pay to that but I still managed to get some good photos -you can see them when I’ve finished editing them – honest. We stayed in a different hotel this year, slap bang next to Wembley stadium, not quite the view we were promised but at least we got to wine and dine with a few rugby league celebs (ok it was a bag of crisps and half a lager in the hotel bar but you get the idea!!)

We’ve walked, cycled (still no running, but that story is for another day!) and I’ve taken hundreds of photographs – I could do with another week off to edit them all. I finally got to photograph the hidden treasure that is the Newland estate, and I’ve discovered a million and one things my camera does that I didn’t even know about -auto mode is still the easiest but I don’t seem to use that anymore, maybe I might get to be a real photographer after all! (Or a writer, or both! A girl can dream)

Maybe we should all follow our dreams, life really is too short, events last weekend proved that. When someone a year younger passes away it gets you thinking.

R.I.P Julian ‘chalky’ Charles, a true gentle giant and Wakefield Legend.

Back to Blogging

Back to Work

Bring it On

Back to Reality, But What Fun We’ve Had…………………….

So that’s it, back to work, the holidays are over – well unless you’re Jack, he’s off until Wednesday. But what a fab holidays it has been and some of the best things we’ve done have been free (some have been mega expensive as well- still reeling from the cost of drinks at Shrek the Musical!) Building swings with rope and catapulting – free, Walking in the Peak District – free. Bike rides by the river – free. Building a den – free. Hepworth Gallery – free. Hyde Park Live – free, Olympic Marathon – free. Trains to and from London – not quite free but well worth it!!!

I don’t really know what the best bit was. The Olympics and Paralympics were fab, the atmosphere, athletes the whole thing – an experience I will never forget for so many reasons. Our traditional 4 days in London to watch the challenge cup was, as usual, great fun and we saw even more of  our capital city – still so much we haven’t done though, I’m sure we’ll be back again soon. Then there was our trip to Hathersage, the walking animals, caves, food – we’ll be going back there as well. In all honesty I can’t name a best bit, I’ve loved every minute of it art, play,family time – just what the doctor ordered.

Now reality bites, back to school and for the second time in 12 months into a class room that’s had a re-furb – brill. Still if you’d have seen the place this morning and then this afternoon, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same place. Looks like a busy few weeks ahead – good job I love my job, it’s great to be back .How many weeks to haf term……..

What a six weeks

Reality Bites

Bring it on

London Calling………….Again!!

So for the 3rd time in a month I’m in London, only this time we’re all here and we’re staying for 4 days. God help my bank balance. Yep, it’s our annual pilgrimage to the Rugby League Challenge Cup. I think this is our fifth year now and you never know, one day Wakefield might get here. Well a girl can dream!!!
We did really well getting here and were at the ever reliable Premier Inn within 3 hours of leaving home. It would of been a pretty uneventful trip had it not have been for the moaning whinge bag sitting opposite. He had obviously never come across a Rugby League fan before, so a whole group of them singing and dare I say it ‘drinking alcohol’ Poor fella nearly had a heart attack. Granted we were supposedly in the quiet coach but they didn’t book the quiet coach by choice – it’s the seats they were given!! So snivelling whinge-bag grassed them up for being loud and offensive- 3 times and so up his own arse was he that he failed to notice that the fat chuffer in a Leeds shirt who he bragged to about grassing up ‘those rowdy sport fans’ was actually one of those ‘rowdy sports fans’ what a knob!!! Thankfully he left the train with his arms and legs still attached- don’t ask me how!!!
So we’re relaxing now after a night in the bar with even more ‘rowdy rugby fans’, it’s been great – fans from all sides getting on together, well apart from the Hull KR fan who got the right ‘tit on’ when someone suggested that they’re not playing very well at the moment. Hopefully he’ll have stopped sulking by breakfast time.

In London again
Wembley tomorrow
Bring it On

Tidying, Tickets and the £1.50 Swing……………

So the spare room is finally tidy (sort of) , not that you’d know if you saw it now. We’re heading to London for the weekend tomorrow (Challenge Cup Weekend – see tomorrows blog) so now the room is full of clothes and a suitcase – mind you looking at the amount of clothes hubby is intending to take I better find a bigger case. Don’t get me wrong, I know when holidaying in England you need to take clothes for every possible weather situation but all we’re missing is the snow shoes and Eskimo hat and we’re sorted ( slight exaggeration but you get the picture) Mind you at least he’s sorted his clothes out I’m nowhere near sorting Jack’s stuff or mine!!

I don’t know where the time went today – well I do. Cleaning, shopping and sorting tickets out for the Paralympics- yep I’ve finally managed to get us tickets for the Olympic park – Wahoo. It is, however a good job I rechecked the times on them before booking the train as I could have sworn I’d booked the morning session. If I hadn’t of checked we would have been on our way back before the session started – whoops, we’re going to the evening session!!!! Can’t wait now, mega excited -what a school holidays we’ve had.

Thankfully Jack has been occupied most of the afternoon putting his £1.50 bit of rope  he got from Castleton to use again. This time him and his mate Alice (Alice who the F*** is Alice – she’s just a mate!) used it to build a swing in the tree over the road. Damn good job they made of it too. Three and a half hours of fun for £1.50 – you can’t go wrong. Get your kids outside!!

So with swing building, tidying and ticket booking done it was  – time to drop Jack at rugby training and head out for a run with my mate, a bit of a magical mystery tour tonight but they’re the best ones to do sometimes. Loved the way Gill had totally lost her bearings when we came back out onto the road – but at least we weren’t lost and didn’t get attacked by any dodgy animals – just a bit of scary looking mud under a dark bridge – I wasn’t the one who squealed (well sort of squealed) though!! Another six miles logged. I’m hoping to log six more in the morning but looking at all I’ve to do before we board the train tomorrow……Hopefully the packing fairy might visit in the night!!

Six Miles done

Wembley Bound Tomorrow

Bring it on

A day of two halves………one was definately better than the other!!

So it was definitely a day of 2 halves, with the first half being much better than the second.

This morning saw us up and off early to watch my soon to be twelve-year-old play in his 3rd cup final of the season – the U12’s Challenge Cup (Rugby league for those of you not from round here)Thankfully despite doing it the hard way we won – a real nail biter but thankfully no extra time this time though – I don’t think the nerves would have stood it. So all Crigg All blacks need to do now is win the league but due to playing summer rugby (boo) we don’t finish playing until ………………….November!!!

So to the second half of the day. Due to having a camera put in a certain part of my body tomorrow – no I’m not going on embarrassing bodies – they’re looking for my missing iron (and I don’t mean the tefal kind) – Seems a bloody strange place to look if you ask me!! Anyway, I’ve spent the afternoon drinking a gorgeous lemon drink (it’s bleeding awful) that will empty where the cameras going – nice! So you can guess where I’ve been for most of the afternoon. On the plus side, if I carry on at this rate I’ll only weigh four stone by morning!!

More Silverware on the Shelf

Missing iron to be found tomorrow

Bring it on

Sleeping Beauty Wakes up Feeling Grumpy!!!!

Well when I said I was having a sleep in I wasn’t kidding – 13 hours I slept. So much for me nipping into town while it was quiet – waking at 11:30 doesn’t allow for that!! So did I awake feeling refreshed for the weekend ahead ……… er no. I awoke with the hangover from hell – only not a drop of alcohol crossed my lips last night – strange. Still everybody has told me I’ll feel better for it tomorrow – can’t wait!

So I haven’t done anything that I had planned other than sort out the rugby kit for tomorrows final – and that was a lot harder than it should have been – how the lads manage to lose so much kit between taking it off and putting it in the wash bag is beyond me, but they do. Some of them are going to have to breathe in tomorrow if they want their kit to fit.

Waking late meant I never got chance to run today either, which kind of means that Juneathon has gone out of the window as I’ve only run twice since we got home. But what with rugby, work, birthdays and forthcoming surgical procedures (that I won’t divulge – yet) June seems to be a busy month – maybe I’m going to have to do an ‘onmyownathon’ in July – watch this space!!

Lots of sleeping done

U12’s Challenge Cup Final tomorrow (If I’m up)

Bring it on



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