The Busy Birthday Weekend……………..


Why do Monday’s always come around so quickly, there is no getting around it, weekends are far too short and because it was a very busy weekend, with a great time had by all, it seemed shorter than ever. Yes this weekend was birthday weekend, it was mine Friday (21 for the second time) and Saturday saw our son turn 13 -eek mum to a teenager, bit scary that!! 

So Saturday saw hubby and I heading out for a nice meal with friends while our son had a lads night in – a bit of a first for us, leaving him home alone, thankfully we returned to find the house still standing – the front of the shed had come off and the garden gate was hanging on its hinge – but the house was still standing. Still no harm done really and they even tidied the bedroom up on Sunday which is certainly a first.

Sunday saw us heading to watch the mighty Wakey win, nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the head (I’m rubbish at drinking!) only thing is the air was more than fresh -it was positively chilly!! Standing shivering in ‘Flaming June’ is no fun, the curse of Summer Rugby strikes again!!!

After all the excitement, come 9 o clock Sunday evening I was sending the zzzzz’s out big style -not quite the party animal I used to be!! So after 9 hours sleep did I awake refreshed……………….Er No!

Is it nearly bedtime?

I’m sure I’ll be livelier tomorrow

Bring it on



I’ll huff and I’ll Puff But at Least I’ve Run…..

marathon bedSo the alarm went off and I rolled over and thought about having another ten minutes snoozing -thankfully putting my running kit at the side of the bed did the trick. I battled CBA syndrome and dived out of bed. Its my first run in over a week, I knew it wasn’t going to particularly easy but I didn’t expect to huff and puff quite so much –  it was only two miles. Not only was it hard work, but my knee is niggling again – I am putting it down to the fact I haven’t done any form of exercise for over a week. I have to stay hopeful that I’ll be upping my mileage some time soon. preferably sometime before May 2013 -I’ve got a marathon to run!! Not my best run but I’m still glad I did it – I’ve got to keep sane somehow in the christmas countdown.

1.9 miles run

3 days to go

Bring it on


So I’m sat here feeling drained exhausted and……… a bit like last night really except last night I could move my left shoulder, and didn’t have grazes and bruises forming on certain parts of my anatomy. And to think the day started so well .

Yes, I battled CBA Syndrome and was out running by quarter six, quite a good run despite not having the comfiest of running shoes – finding a replacement for my Nike Free Runners is not going to be easy- not a niggle to be felt in my knee and 2.2 miles done in 18 minutes -fab. Back in plenty of time for a shower and change before heading to work on Boris (my bike) I got there in near record time despite the wind trying to slow me down. Work went well, year 2 dance was great – we’re doing a stomp this half-term and they loved it. All was going great until we went swimming.

First we had the ‘how to squash 60 kids on one bus’ (the other forgot to come!) without having any H & S issues – good job 6 were off ill. Then we had ‘how to get through Wakefield in less than 5 minutes’  – things weren’t going well!! We arrived at the new all singing all dancing leisure centre with only 15 minutes of our lesson left, so it was ‘changed, in – out, changed’. Quickest swim ever – still the afternoon flew by. Bring on the weekend.

Alas the weekend hasn’t got off to the best of starts – with most of Wakefield getting gridlocked due to a serious road accident I was quite relieved to be on the bike knowing that when the queues started I could cycle by – well that was the plan. Shame some moron knocked me off before I got a chance to do that – nice that they thought to drive off and leave me there as well. Thankfully someone else came to my rescue and got Boris and I home in one piece – see there are nice people out there.  So a bit of TLC and Boris and I will be in full working order in no time at all and thank god for my cycling helmet – yes it makes me look a right wally but boy did it do its job today!!


Less ouch tomorrow

Bring it on!

Some Pain for a Gain

Well I did it – despite the extremely frosty conditions I overcame CBA syndrome – and at 5:45 this morning I sprinted for a whole 2 miles- wahoo it was nearly worth putting the running  gear on for!! But 2 miles is all I’m allowed to do at the minute (though physio didn’t say how many times a day I can do 2 miles!) Good thing is it was a pretty pain-free run as far as the knee goes.  The pain-free bit lasted until I saw the physio this afternoon.

Yep, my physio is clearly working on the ‘inflict pain and then you’ll gain’ philosophy. Trouble is the only thing I’m gaining at the minute is a bruised leg and sore gluteus maximus and I’m paying for the privlege!! Still the good news is my muscles are starting to work and srengthen and hopefully I might get to 2.1 miles sometime soon!!


2 miles done

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

CBA Syndrome Stikes Again……..

Well I was so organised last night, work and school bag ready, snap made ,running kit all laid out next to my bed ready for my early morning run – very impressed. So did I make it out for my early morning sprint……………..Er no! Not sure if it was the crap nights sleep, the fact that I awoke feeling slightly off-balance or what but nothing was going to raise me out of bed before I really had to be up this morning. CBA syndrome had well and truly kicked in and my best laid plans were gone. Annoyed -just a bit. I was so annoyed that I haven’t been friends with myself all day – not the best of moods to be in on a Monday,especially the first Monday after half term.

Still at least I swam after work, I almost redeemed myself. Yep Jack and I went to test Wakefield’s newest leisure centre – it’s not bad to be honest. It hasn’t got the character of the old place or the mouldy walls but it’s well worth a visit or two. Might have to avoid Mondays though – Wakefield’s ‘Fat Chuffer Synchronised Swimming Team’ clearly train on Mondays. No really, I’ve never seen so many morbidly obese people in one place. Still at least they’re trying to get back in shape (good on them). I best get my arse out of bed in the morning or I might be joining them!!

Failed at the early morning run

Try again tomorrow

Bring it on

Oh There’s a Light at the end of the Tunnel……………..

So day 25 of Janathon and at last the end is in sight. In all honesty it hasn’t been as bad as I expected but I will wait till day 31 before I confirm that fact as my enthusiasm seems to have waned slightly tonight. I seem to be coming down with a bout of CBA syndrome! It could just be that, just for a change, things didn’t go to plan. It was my intention to run as soon as I got in from work, while hubby took Jack to the dentist. However they were already back when I got home, a bit of a wasted journey by all accounts. The Orthodontist had insisted on a pre-brace visit to the Oral hygienist however the hygienist said he had a set of shiny teeth that Shergar would of been proud of (something like that) and sent him home. So I ended up doing tea first and running later, big mistake.

Come 7 0 clock it was a real effort to drag myself out of the door, but having spent the afternoon convincing Year Six that we should never give up on our goals, I thought it best to go. Didn’t fancy telling them in the morning that I’d bottled it with only 7 runs left to do.

Tonights run felt slightly like hitting the wall in the marathon, it wasn’t helped by the fact that my amazing Nike+sportswatch (never works) declared I was only doing 10 minute miles, oh no I flaming well wasn’t, no wonder I was knackered. Next problem was I had stitch. This saw me doing another of my ‘101 ways to look a tit when your running’ moves. I saw this put into practice at the Brass Monkey when some poor girl had stitch and a random stranger suggested she run, arms out stretched, palms up until it had gone!!! Did it work for me? Well I lost my balance and tripped up so I’ll never know, maybe next time.

Now I’m back I’m glad I went, only six more runs left. To quote my quote of the afternoon, ‘If you don’t give up, you cannot fail’  .So 5.75 mile in 50 minutes and 16 seconds (stupid bloody watch)! 

                                    Janathon Day 26

Bring it on



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