Tour de Waterways………………

So no sun today but it was still warm, dry and slightly less muggy than yesterday – perfect conditions for a bike ride and picnic. Well it was once ‘sleeping beauty’ surfaced. Still with Jack snoring in his pit it gave me time to do a few house wifey things (booorrrinnng!) without any distractions.

By 11:30 we were finally ready to go then we bumped into one of the neighbours – By 12:00 we were ready to go…… It was a bit of a bumpy ride in parts to start with – mainly as I missed the turn off for the nice flat bit but on the plus side we had a better view of the river. It was when we came to the bridge where  I had to carry the bikes up the stairs that I realised that carrying a backpack containing 2 jumpers, 2 rain coats, 1 bottle of suncream (well you just never know what the weathers going to do) 2 bottles of , 2 bottles of water, sandwiches, crisps,some caramel shortbread, a bike lock and a pack of chewing gum – oh and my emergency pound – was making it hard going. In fact as I sit here now with my stomach muscles throbbing I know it was hard going. Still I’m all for a workout without trying!!!! 

Anyway, by then we were nearly at the ‘stop for lunch’ point. A wall near the Navigation Pub, a great place to watch the canal boats go by. Unfortunately, for us, we also got to watch several dead fish float by – now I’m no fish expert but they looked like goldfish to me – I’m sure goldfish don’t do canals! Still it didn’t put me off my tuna sandwich.

All in all it was a great ride and finding the right path on the way back made it much easier – still can’t quite believe it was eight miles though – sleeping beauty will never get up in the morning!!!

A fab afternoon by the waterways of Wakefield

A longer route next time

Bring it on



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