Lake Side Story………….

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

I seem to have developed an attraction to mud, not sure what it is but every time I head out of the door I seem to end up covered in the stuff -cycling home from work was no different, in fact it was probably the worst yet. let me set the scene…..

Think West Side Story, The Jets v The Sharks, which side to take? Except I wasn’t on a Manhattan Street I was cycling near the lake at Pugneys Country Park (nowhere near the country but I suppose it sounds better than Pugneys – former open cast mine!!) and there weren’t two gangs of teenagers about to wage war on each other but two sets of birds -the Gulls v the Canadian Geese. One gang had clearly nicked the other gangs bread – all that was missing was the music! Thing is I’m not too keen on the killer geese,  they’re evil, gulls I can deal with, especially as they tend to fly off as you cycle towards them, but the killer geese – no chance.

Thing is, I foolishly assumed that now I’ve got a light on my bike so bright that I’m thinking of hiring it out as a floodlight, the evil ones might shift out of my way – they didn’t!! Hence a hasty retreat onto the grass banking, big mistake it was like a swamp -the bike sank, the bike tipped, I slid down the banking -splat. My cycling gear is in the wash again. Still another Janathon day done!!

Another 5 miles in the bag

School Hockey and Running tomorrow

Bring it on



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