Conquering the Cabin Fever…..Maybe Not

Well I still didn’t get the best of nights sleep but it was the best one in almost a week – things are finally on the up, sort of. I’ve definitely got more movement in my shoulder now which is good, however I still feel slightly unattached to  my left side, I’m sure it won’t last much longer. They say patience is a virtue, it’s just a shame I haven’t gone none!! I went back to work today which has slightly alleviated the boredom but what I really want to do is cycle or run or both. Cabin fever is setting in -big style.

Still I’ve got the day off to look forward to tomorrow, schools closed for the police commissioner elections that no one knows a thing about, so I’ve got a whole day to myself to do the things I love. Well apart from running, cycling, swimming and walking!! Looks like a day people watching with my camera. Watch out Wakefield Precinct I’m coming to get you!!

The movements returning

Back on the bike by the weekend

Bring it on!!

School Trip Back in Time………

Remember these….

So I’m sat here feeling drained, absolutely exhausted – why? Have I run miles, cycled even further or been to the gym – nope. It’s been our Class trip, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but boy do you feel tired once it’s all over. Still I can highly recommend the  Bradford Media Museum – it’s a fab place and probably even better if you go without 30 kids. I’ve got to admit to having the urge to wonder off with my camera and enjoy everything on show but I don’t think that would have gone down too well – I can’t think why!!

At least the kids seemed to enjoy it as well, from making movies to pretending to be a teletubby in front of the blue screen to the magic room they loved it all – still can’t believe that they had never heard of ‘Gordon the Gopher’ though! Yes there was definitely quite a few blasts from the pasts on show and not just T.V characters. I’d completely forgotten about those cube flashes we used to fasten on top of cameras, how big the first home video cameras were – you needed to be a weightlifter to hold one and as for the size of the video recorders -no wonder our TV unit used to be so flaming big…….

and these

A great day out

Friday Feeling tomorrow

Bring it on


Warning – Random Blonde with Camera…………….

Well another day, another rain cloud – well actually no, the sunshine lasted until almost five o clock- then it wanged it down!! Still, we had a great day out at the Wildcats (Wakefield Trinity for those who prefer the grown up name!) and I didn’t need the various waterproofs , jumpers and boots that I took with me!!!

Yes today was ‘Crigglestone All Blacks’ day at Wakefield. A chance to raise much-needed funds and let our players show what they have to offer. Well from an U12’s perspective they certainly did that. To take on a team from Wigan is a tough ask to take on a team from Wigan and win is awesome – and that’s just what they did. Such is the scale of junior rugby in Wigan, that you often have to go through a selection process to get in the team( yes even at this age)  – that’s why they are so good – did that  phase our bunch of U12’s, er no. 

I stood on top of this building!!!

All in all it was a great day for all our teams (apart from Wakey- cos they got hammered) they all enjoyed it and I should know – I managed to take over 2000 pictures of them doing just that. I think I got a bit carried away – maybe my time in the press box (open platform on top of one of the bars – bloody scary) went to my head. You see I may look a right Wally in my bright orange vest but the plus side is if you wander up to where the matchday photographers stand no one asks who you are – to be fair security didn’t start work until one, but all they normally worry about is making the kids put their legs over the wall – haven’t got time to worry about some random blonde wandering around with a camera!! I got some great shots…………


Looks like a week of sorting photos

I love it really!

Bring it on

Super Team


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