A Game of Hide and Seek With a Couple of Tits……..

Blue%20Tit%20%20for%20webSo the kids head back to school and summer finally arrives -typical that! On the plus side my schools not back until Wednesday, so not only have I got 2 child-free days but I also get to have fun in the sun -beats housework!!! Today was another gardening day (ok I admit to a sneaky bit of sunbathing as well -you’ve got to get the sun when you can!!), the agenda today was to re-pot my shrubs and bushes. Two hours it took, some of the roots were well and truly welded to the pots -it’s years since I last did them. Still they’re all done now, I’ve just my rockery at the front of the house to sort and my garden will nearly be back to something that Percy Thrower would be proud of -sort of!!

So with the gardening done it was time to sit back and admire my hard work, that’s when I noticed that the birds had finally (it’s only taken all bleeding weekend) noticed the feeder. Wahoo, time to get the camera out. Just my luck to attract a couple of camera-shy tits!!! Two hours (slight exaggeration but it felt like forever!)  I sat there waiting for the flaming things to stay in one place long enough for me to grab the shot of the day -they clearly thought it was a game. Then Jenny Wren joined in – I gave up. On the plus side the feeder has been found and hopefully more birds will be making use of it soon. Now all I need is for Ralph (the bird that next-door-but-ones cat has had a go at) to look up from his grass-seed eating and see that there’s better food on offer -here’s hoping!

Loving the sunshine

cycling tomorrow

Bring it on

Horsing Around on the Railway Ruins………Maybe!

Ok so it’s not the warmest of Easter holidays but it’s dry and bright and in the Earnshaw household that’s all that’s needed. As long as we’re outside we’re happy – well Jack and I are – hubbys working! So today Jack and I headed down to Walton nature park for coffee and cake by the water’s edge (well a Kit Kat Chunky – but you get the idea) and a chance for a play about with my camera. That created another first for me -photographing horses. I didn’t realise horses do facial expressions -other than long ones -but they do, and just like humans if you shoot in black and white (is shoot the wrong thing to say when talking about horses) they look even better -really!!

With the camera work done, well I could have gone on but Jack was clearly getting bored, we headed off on another magical mystery tour -why do I do these things. Before I knew it we were sat under a railway bridge – a high bridge – looking out over Wakefield -bliss. to be honest once my legs had stopped shaking the views were amazing. Then we found a way up onto the bridge to find what we think is disused railway, but not knowing for sure I didn’t dare go onto it. We came home to see what information we could find. So like a true saddo, I’ve spent over an hour trawling through websites and forums dedicated to abandoned railways -yes people really do post on these forums, there are photos and everything!! Not that I’ve managed to find out whether it is disused or not but I’ve found some that definitely are. Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!?!

A lovely day out

Heading to the railway ruins tomorrow

Bring it on



Snow Easily Distracted…………

Well today was well and truly a snow day, it started snowing last night and within ten minutes everything was covered. In fact it came down so heavy that at 10pm we were out throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the street -can you tell it doesn’t snow very often!! Anyway we awoke this morning to deep snow and glorious sunshine -finally some perfect conditions for some wintry photos. Well it would have been if I hadn’t  got distracted by things that flap -yep despite not really liking birds they were the main focus of my camera work today -totally hogged the limelight. Still it was a great way to log some more Janathon miles. Despite the knee injury there is every chance that I am going to do the same mileage as last year -I’m well chuffed!!

5.2 miles walked

2 hours of fun in the snowy sunshine

Bring it on

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

Technofogies and Flowers…….

A bit of a mish mash of things going on today what with running playing with my camera, sorting out the old folks netbook (well it’s Jacks netbook actually) and going out for tea -busy busy!!

Thankfully there was some blue sky and a tiny bit of sunshine today along with the howling winds and showers. I knew my only way to get out there with my camera and take advantage of the bright sky was to abandon my usual walks and head for somewhere closer to home……the cemetery. Yes we live across the road from our cities main cemetery – a bit creepy you may think. But actually, apart from the days when there’s a funeral on, it’s a lovely place to look out onto -especially this time of year when beautiful flowers, holly wreaths and even a full set of fairy lights (I’m not kidding) fill the view. So  I headed there, to be honest I will definitely be going back, hopefully on a less windy day. I got some lovely shots, the only downside was that to get the best view I had to all but lay down – I thought crawling through bushes was bad enough, laying on graves is a new one on me. I must confess to getting a few strange looks and when a police car drove in the cemetry gates I thought some one had rung to say there was a loony on the loose. Still the lady I spoke to didn’t seem to mind when I told her what I was doing – hopefully most other people will be the same.

So with the camera work done for the day I headed round to my mums to sort the laptop out -she killed hers last week and it’s heading back to Samsung as we speak. To keep her going I lent her Jack’s netbook, showed her how to use it and left it with her. 24 hours later she’d killed that as well…….Well she thought she had, but she’d got a bit confused with the on switch thinking you had to use it to turn it off as well. By the time both my mum and dad had done pressing the button the netbook had clearly thought ‘sod it’ and refused to come on at all!!

It’s all sorted now- silver surfers,you’ve got to love them!!

With the laptop sorted I’d just time to fit in a sneaky 3 miles before tea, it was bloody hard going if I’m honest the wind was howling and my knee didn’t want to play – still I did it and I can still walk -just!!

Busy day done

Wondering what to photograph tomorrow

Bring it on

I can see Clearly now…….Maybe not!!

So another day devoid of anything close to a clear sky, I’m starting to get fed up now. All I want to do is test out my new filter properly- it’s just not happening,pft!!  Still I went out to play anyway today’s theme ‘Raindrops’ loads of them to photograph!!  Except it’s not as easy as it seems. For one thing the wind kept blowing at the crucial moment when I pressed the shutter button -blurry raindrops and just to had to the fun the best raindrops were higher up the bushes. So I spent ten minutes balancing on a garden chair- I hope to god no-one saw me!! I did contemplate getting the step ladders out but that seemed a bit OTT -this from the woman who spent yesterday crawling through the undergrowth.

The raindrops weren’t my only theme today though – come this evening we finally had a clear sky and a full moon. Guess whose been hanging out of the attic window for the last ten minutes!!!

More Photograph fun

Will there be clear skies tomorrow

Bring it on

It’s not How You start it’s How You Finish…….

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Well I did as promised and headed into Wakefield to try to finish the crimbo shopping -I failed, but more because I forgot rather than couldn’t find a few things. I knew I should have made a list! I took advantage of the nice weather and walked into town -it was a lovely walk and yet another of those times I wished I’d taken my camera. But then I would have never got any shopping done. It wasn’t the view that made me long for my camera -spectacular as it was but the remnants of the night before laying on the pavement for all to see – the half drunk bottles,empty glasses and a random ‘Banana Man’ costume – someone must have had a great night and a cold walk home!!

It’s been a day of finishing things off really,the ironing (thanks hubby) the housework and Jack’s english and art homework. I hope they don’t get any for the crimbo holidays  -we all need a rest. I think he’s quite enjoyed his English – not that he’d ever admit it, but ‘write your own ‘Mr Men’ story has definitely grabbed his attention. So now we have a new version ‘Mr Punch’ a nasty little fellow who goes round…….you’ve guessed it -punching everyone, that is until the other little Mr Men show him the error of his ways -sorted!! Then there was his Art – do your own version of M C Esher (never heard of him – actually I had once I looked at his stuff! ) taking into account his use of doors, arches and staircases. Doddle -maybe not! ! Jack knew what he wanted to do -build it in lego – great idea -until we realised how long it was going to take. We’ve improvised -it’s been like a Blue Peter Project (Kids programme for those not living in the UK) in our front room for the last 3 weeks, all I can say is thank god Ernie’s better at arty stuff than me -I just like looking!! Anyway with a little help with the tricky bits (a-hem) it’s finished. I hope Jack gets a good grade or his Dad will cry!!

Nearly finished what we started

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on

Sofa the Sorting……(sorry!)

Well at last the antibiotics are kicking in and I’m starting to feel almost human again – not that I’m back to my normal ‘100 mile an hour ‘ self but its a start. Jack is definitley not back to his normal self – he turned down the chance of going out for ‘Fish n Chips’ with the old folks -unheard of. He’s defo not swinging the leg (faking it for those who don’t understand the lingo). Anyway it’s been another ‘share the sofa’ day, well some of it has. I must confess to doing a bit of tidying and cleaning – but not for long, honest!!! I’ve also made a start of wading through the 1000’s of photos on my computer – ever wish you’d never started something. It didn’t help that I took over a 1000 pics at this weekends final – I would have taken more but the proffesional photographer seemed to be doing his best to distract me.

Every cup final has a real photographer there taking photos, which we then get the chance to buy at ridiculous prices – last year I spent £50+ on 4 pictures (I didn’t have my camera then) . This year there were 2 photographers there – neither party seemed happy about this, they were even less happy when they were told they weren’t allowed at the ends of the pitch just the sides and me with my ‘ickle camera’ (you should have seen the size of one of their lenses – and as for his pole -ahem!) well I was given an orange vest and was allowed to go wherever I wanted. Hence much heckling from real photographer dude – until he realized I was a total novice and therefore no competition whatsoever (he might think a little bit diferently now he’s seen a couple of my shots)  Then he started offering me some hints and tips – most of them went completely over my head – I’m still a bit of an ‘aim and fire’ type of girl but I know now that I’m better sitting lower down and I need a tripod. He let me try his -can’t think why but everyone cracked up at the end of the game when I said I’d had the photographers ‘pole’ in my hand(!)

Time to start studying my camera more.

Sorting out more photos over the weekend

Bring it on

The whole of the Moon……..Maybe Not!!





Well I did have an early morning run planned but I think the stresses and strains of Jack’s review day (more on that later) had finally got to me and I just couldn’t summon myself to get up any earlier than my alarm clock – oh well there’s always tomorrow. Still not running gave me time to do other things – like taking photos of the moon!! Yep at 6:30 I was  in the middle of the garden, stood on my bench, still in my PJ’s and a pair of furry boots attempting to take pictures of the full moon. God know why, it was just shinning so beautifully in the sky I couldn’t resist……I think I’ve gone mad!!!

Maybe the madness is the reason I forgot my dinner, forgot to put Jacks pack-up in his bag and even worse I forgot to take my ‘upper decker flopper stopper’ to work.Yes, despite the very frosty conditions I went on my bike  – I had to make up for my non-run some how. But in my rush to get out there I forgot an important piece of clothing – my bra! Thankfully my lack of knockers meant nobody really noticed that I spent the entire day wearing a sports vest under my top – you see there are some advantages to being flat chested.

So to back to Jack’s review day, amazingly within the space of 24 hours Jack has gone from being a non-tryer to top of the class – funny that. Something tells me these targets and levels aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The weekend’s here again.

Time to relax

Bring it on

A Sore Shop……………

Well I didn’t get to play out, people watching, with my camera. Varying reasons. For one, it was my intention to spend some time at the Victorian market – hoping to get some good shots. One problem, the Victorian market is next week – thanks for the duff info Mum. The second reason was my own fault. In hindsight (a wonderful thing that!) doing ‘Asda Big Shop’ with a sore shoulder probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Especially when it was a Big ‘Asda Big Shop’, if it was sore when I started……One day I’ll learn.

Back to work tomorrow

But then its the weekend

Bring it on!!

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