A whiter shade of Pale…………

Don’t worry, I am not about to burst into a Procul Harum song (still no idea what they were singing about!) it’s just I am no longer grey looking, more washed out, I’m finally over the worst (PLEASE) and on the road to recovery. It’s a good job really, I’ve got cabin fever. I don’t do sitting in one place for any length of time (about 30 5 minutes). Still at least feeling a little better meant I could potter, so here’s a nice little gallery about what I’ve been up to.


Yep, I ironed,slept,booked some train tickets,slept, revised, took some pics of the birds I spotted on the feeder,slept, got bored, revised again, slept, did some R.E planning for work, slept. It’s hard work being ill!!

On the mend

I’m sure the ends in sight, should be able to start Juneathon soon

Bring it on!!!

Cabin Fever Kids…………….and Adults!

cartoon3907Well it’s fair to say it’s been a very long week -wintry weather is all well and good until you’re stuck inside with 30 year 5 kids who are desperate to just play out -then it becomes a nightmare. They all get fed up of one another, spend all day looking longingly at the snow and loose all focus (not sure if that’s the kids or the staff!). Anyway, seemingly the thaw is on its way and normal service will be resumed next week -wahoo!!

In the meantime there is a Janathon to finish and today I finally made it to the gym, I was one of the only ones who did, I had the place to myself bar one groaning man doing the weights machines -is there really any need to make such a noise -no. It doesn’t make lifting the weights any easier -I tried it,all I got was a sore throat!! So I did the cross trainer, bike, weights, rowing machine and even had a sneaky go on the treadmill (shh) -it didn’t give me the same buzz as road running but it was the closest I’ve come in a long time. Maybe its time to become a gym junkie minus the dodgy vest…….

An hour in the gym

hoping to finish Janathon with a flourish

Bring it on

The Temperamental Netbook,Running and Rugby (league)……….

Now I would have had this blog posted ages ago were it not  for my son’s amazing netbook. He’s always complained about it- too slow, not working, doing my head in- are the usual complaints. Then he hogs my laptop when I’ve got stuff I need to be doing. So tonight I thought I’d give the Netbook a go. Big Mistake! Don’t get not me wrong, its not a bad little thing when it does what is asked of it, it just doesn’t do it very often. It seems to have the computer version of PMT, only works when in a good mood. So after an hour of fannying about I’ve abandoned the mardy thing and am back on my old faithful.

Survived the last day of ‘Cabin Fever Kids’ at work- just! And now i’ve got a whole week off to look forward to. Mm, what to do,I’ve already filled one A4 page with jobs that need doing, not exactly a week of rest but I can’t wait for the lie-ins.

With the start of the new Superleague Season now in full swing, Friday nights are back to being family nights again. All sat watching the game on sky, every so often Jack goes into the kitchen to chuck his rugby ball about (we have a big kitchen) hubby drinks copius amounts of red and talks more and more drivel as the game goes on. Plenty of eyeball rolling from Jack and I as we try our best not to giggle!! Tonight however I think he might have overdone the copious amounts of red (hubby not Jack) cos he’s slept through the last 20 minutes of the game (must be the manflu) Still at least we got to watch it in relative peace…….well if you block out the snoring!!!!!

Just a short run today, it was my original plan to go first thing this morning but after last nights weather forecast I didn’t fancy running on the freezing rain – rain that freezes! So I sneaked out for a cheeky couple of miles after Asda Big Shop. It was like running in a fridge, out n back as fast as I could before I had freezing sweat – sweat that freezes. How I manage to sweat when I’m shivering is beyond me. Anyway..

2.1 miles in 16 mins and 58 secs

A warmer run tomorrow (please)

Bring it on

A Touch of Cabin Fever,The Yorkshire Standstill………….Oh and a Run!

So its fair to say conditions weren’t great for running when I ventured out of the door after work. Slippy underfoot, raining and freezing cold, but even if it had been six foot deep with snow out there I would still have gone, I needed to run. After 4 days of indoor play – health and safety strikes again, Cabin fever is setting in. Thank goodness its only one day left till half term, cos looking out of the window at the falling snow I can’t see us getting out any time soon.  I’ve got to say the run did the trick, the rain never really let up, in fact it was doing its best to snow and yet I loved every minute of it, my planned five miles became seven and even a little slip on some ice, whoosh down I went- thankfully it was dark so no one noticed(hopefully), didn’t prevent a decent time. Cabin fever cured! 

Run done, warm soak in the bath then time to watch the local news and weather, now I need another run to clear my head again. Why why why does a bit of dodgy weather bring all of Yorkshire to a standstill.  First we had an explanation as to what freezing rain is – rain that freezes- even showed a bin wagon with some freezing rain on it- ice!! Then we had the wall with the black ice on it. See how shiny that is the man said,that means its really dangerous- yes if you walk on the  chuffing wall. “Lets go to our reporter in Sheffield now, how bad is it there?”  Over to man stood on random bridge with traffic whizzing past him in the background. ” Well traffic was really bad an hour ago (5:30ish) but its clearing now.” Erm wasn’t that rush hour!!!!  Same thing, different bridge in Leeds. Another man up a lonely snow covered street in York, traffic clearly seen moving freely on the A64 some way behing him. ” Its settling here, conditions are getting bad, no the’y’re  not I’ve just run on a road with more snow than that on it in the middle of Sandal (posh part of Wakefield). Then the weather forecast – we’re all doomed!!!! Snow, ice, freezing rain -rain that freezes- god those shiny walls are going to be a nightmare tomorrow……….

So don’t ask me how I managed it in such terrible conditions, amazingly my running mate managed to do it in Ossett (small village type thing on outskirts of Wakefield) as well, anyway

 7 miles in 1 hour 46 seconds.

Arctic  Running Tomorrow

Bring it On





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