B &Q Robbers!!!!


I’ve come to the conclusion that being a working mum is bloody hard work, forever sorting and organising, by the time the forthcoming week is sorted the weekend is over. Add studying into to the mix and there’s little time for anything else. I haven’t even managed to run or cycle this weekend but that is mainly due to being on the hunt for new wardrobes – thankfully it only took a day to find them.
Good old Ikea, it may be the worst place to be on a Saturday afternoon but they were far more help than another DIY shop I could mention ( B & Q) What an unhelpful bunch they were. If I want white wardrobes with white doors I’ll flaming well have them thank you very much. I couldn’t believe it when the miserable git room planner, who was either hung over or really hated his chosen career, said “you’ll have to have beech or oak, white won’t look right” Er, it’s my house, I’m paying, I’ll decide. Not that we’re using B&Q I only want three wardrobes, I could get a fitted kitchen for the price they quoted, and as for the six hundred quid to fit them………. I can’t wait for them to ring on Monday to ask if we’re going ahead with the design I don’t even like. Mmmm, what to say
“Sorry, you’re too expensive.”
“have you ever tried smiling”
“Do you own a stripped top and balaclava?”
Or – “Sod off, we’ve got the same from Ikea for a third of the price, IN WHITE!!”
Another weekend done.
The countdowns on to half term
Bring it on!!

It’s Christmas………


So this time yesterday the house was spotless – everything where it should be fast forward 24 hours and the house looks like a bombs dropped. Christmas Day – you can’t beat it. You spend a week getting everything sorted and a full day preping food. In no time at everything is demolished. Still we’ve had a fab day, got some lovely prezzies and are all looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow. Can’t believe I’ve spent an hour trying to work out how to knit with a dolly and Jack has discovered the joys of blow football!! Can’t wait to get the tiddlywinks out – I love buying daft prezzies!!

A great day
Sleep in in the morning
Bring it on!

On the Hunt for The Big Black Jumper……….

Well I managed to fit the run and the swim in, don’t ask me how because it really has been a busy busy day. If yesterday I was grumpy today I’ve been speedy. I just don’t seem to have stopped, running at six, quick Sainsburys shop at 8, home in my dinner break to put the washing in and the sainsburys quick shop (stuff for tea) in the fridge back to work – ‘Big Ben’ rehearsals, joy. Swimming , home, tea then out on the hunt for…….Black Jumpers!! Yep. with the lads in the finals we need new matchday clothes. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were all the same size but with sizes ranging from age 12 (little Jack) to Large men’s (Big Jack) it hasn’t been the easiest of tasks. Still, its all sorted now, but a word of warning to anyone in Wakefield needing a black school jumper tomorrow – you’ve no chance – they’re all hanging in my cellar.

Run done, Swim Done

Asda Big shop at 6 in the morning (!)

Bring it on



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