Slippy Slidey Friday………….

Mind the Step

Mind the Step

So in his eagerness to get to work hubby flew out of the door literally! Alas I missed it. Though he wasn’t really eager to get to work it was more to do with the first severe frost and ice of the season arriving. Hubby only found out how bad it was when he put his foot on the top step and was on the pavement before he knew it. Even worse he then had to try to get up the steps he’d just fallen down to lock the front door. I didn’t laugh when he text me to say what had happened, in fact when I’d stopped the tears of laughter rolling down my face I text him back to check he was ok. If you think I’m not very sympathetic you should have heard Jack laugh when I told him!!! Anyway most of Yorkshire seem to have had to crawl about on hands and knees to get anywhere -or so the local news would have us believe. They failed to mention that by half ten the rain had come and washed everything away – including my broadband signal!!

Yes, we’ve recently swapped our broadband provider – all has been going well,loads of mega-fast internet access until today. When it rained, in fact it more than rained. Thing is I really needed the internet today I had a monopod to research and for once,as I’m still off work, I had a chance to look – or I would have done. But no, every time I logged on there was no connection, not one bar on the signal -hence lots of turning on and off hoping it would forget it wasn’t working – about half five it forgot – round about the time it stopped raining. Pft. So now I’ve  no idea which monopod is best (maybe I should have taken more notice when the real photographer dude let me hold his pole -ahem!) so any photographers out there with any tips they’ll be gratefully received.

It seems to have been along week

Finally feeling something like

Bring it on



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