A whiter shade of Pale…………

Don’t worry, I am not about to burst into a Procul Harum song (still no idea what they were singing about!) it’s just I am no longer grey looking, more washed out, I’m finally over the worst (PLEASE) and on the road to recovery. It’s a good job really, I’ve got cabin fever. I don’t do sitting in one place for any length of time (about 30 5 minutes). Still at least feeling a little better meant I could potter, so here’s a nice little gallery about what I’ve been up to.


Yep, I ironed,slept,booked some train tickets,slept, revised, took some pics of the birds I spotted on the feeder,slept, got bored, revised again, slept, did some R.E planning for work, slept. It’s hard work being ill!!

On the mend

I’m sure the ends in sight, should be able to start Juneathon soon

Bring it on!!!

Camera Capers……..

Well I didn’t get to play with my camera in quite the way I wanted to but I had a little play all the same. Unfortunately the weather put an end to my  plans to get out for a walk and have a play with my new close up filter -its a +4 (!?!?), if I’d have gone out this morning when the sun was attempting to shine (it wasn’t doing a very good job!) I might have had a chance of getting a few shots but by the time I got out there everything was grey and dull -Boring!! Then it wanged it down -fab!! I do wish I’d gone for a long walk though I get bored far too easily when I’m stuck indoors. It was my boredom that led to me getting the camera out -my model for the day -the christmas tree.

I didn’t get to use my macro lens the way I wanted to there wasn’t enough natural light (I think!) but I had a mess about with taking pictures of moving lights -my tree lights flash. To be honest it’s defo going to be a case of practise makes perfect -some of them were a blurry mess and I didn’t get the outcome I expected, but I got some shots that might be worth photoshopping (get me!!) we’ll see how it works out.  I do need to start writing down what I’m doing though cos now I can’t remember which setting I used- arrghh. 

Practise makes perfect

Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow

Bring it on

Bloody Bored……………..



Well today I did something I rarely do – I gave in. I don’t like having time off work but there was no way I was in a fit state to make it  – I did get up to go but for once (not sure what came over me) common sense prevailed. If only I could be like Boris – he’s gone off for a service and a bit of straightening out and he’ll be all shiny and new tomorrow. If only!!

I’m bored, bored,bored, bored bored, booorrreeeddddd! I don’t do sitting still – and even though I kept myself busy with a bit of R.E, P.E and ICT planning (a-hem), it still feels like the longest day in, well in a long time. Still the only way I’m going to be back on the bike sooner rather than later is to rest and recover – but I’ve done 3 whole days. How much longer is it going to take? I wonder if my physio can leave my knee and straighten my shoulder and neck out ? Now there’s an idea…………………………………….

I’ve been good today

Even better tomorrow

Bring it on


Bleurghaaaarrrrgghhhhhh Golf………………..

Day three of no running and it’s nearly killed me, I don’t care how rough I feel tomorrow I AM GOING RUNNING! Granted I have caught up on lots of jobs – I don’t do sitting still for very long – but I’m getting seriously bored now!! Even spent some of the afternoon googling historic buildings in Wakefield- another outcome of me running in different places – I pass things and I have no idea what they are – still beats googling brands breeds of sheep – just!!!

My boredom has not been helped by my Hubby watching his favourite sport – Golf. Paint, watching, like and dry are words that spring to mind. Even Jack is sick to death of it and he plays. It’s fair to say I know the rules fairly well now – I’ve watched it that many bleeding times – it still doesn’t stop me taking the mick. ‘Albatross’ Hubby has just shouted – ‘where?’ I said.(I know its getting it in ,in 2, on a parr 5 but then its not funny!) Then there’s their names, who the hell calls their kid ‘Bubba’ or ‘Tiger’ and as for Davis Love the 3rd – where’s one and two gone?!?  And the comentators, how to make a boring sport more boring yaawwwnnn. A real birdie chance – you don’t say, oh the winds blowing left to right, makes a change from right to left. Bored! Bored! Bored! I tell you my running shoes are at the door. Tomorrow I’m out of here………………

Last Rest Day

Playing Out tomorrow

Bring it on




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