Shopping, Cycling and Shite Service…….

So the Rugby part of our weekend is over and judging by the massive hangovers on show at breakfast this morning a good time was had by all. The rugby lot have headed home and we’re having a couple of days taking in some more of what London has to offer.
Today was shopping day- time to hit the posh shops! We decided to head to the all singing, all dancing newly built for the Olympics, Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s an amazing place. Four floors of shops, cafe’s, restaurants, Cinemas and a casino. Did I buy much- 2 pairs of running socks- what a Saddo!! Mind you I’m not as sad as Jack and Ernie. Maybe it was the viewing of the Olympic Park from the now free viewing platform in John Lewis'(£2 each when the Olympics was on!) that inspired them, maybe it’s Ernie’s rekindled love of cycling. But they now own a replica (!) Velodrome- scaletrix style!! It’s bloody rubbish, make no wonder it was slashed to £20. Yep they spent an hour this afternoon re- enacting the Olympic Cycling. I’m banned, within one lap I’d killed Sir Chris Hoy- straight off the track and into the wall- whoops! Boys and their toys.

I do need to say that although Westfield had an amazing atmosphere, made even Better by the athletes wondering around pre Paralympic games.It’s not the same as heading to Oxford Street, Carnaby Street etc. Think we might have to head there tomorrow. Looks like another busy day, we’ve got Tower Bridge, Covent Garden and Shrek the Musical to fit in!!

So we ended the afternoon with a trip to TGI Fridays. Top tip, don’t go – its crap!! Mass produced food at inflated prices with useless waiting staff – well some of them are. You’d think it would be obvious that when 3 of us are sat at a table then serving 2 meals is not quite right. I know I’ve over eaten in the last few days but I don’t look like I need to skip meals just yet!! Then there was the ginger ‘ I’m on leave from performing arts college’ slightly tubby waiter. ( think overweight Bonnie Langford only camper!)I could just about cope with the crappy American accent- but when he started strutting his stuff to George Michael- well, and his rendition of Happy Birthday- glad it wasn’t my Birthday!

fun in London

Even more fun tomorrow

Bring it on






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