Bloggers Block or Memory Loss………….Same thing really!!!

So another writers-block cartoonblog less week -I’m beginning to wonder how I ever fit blogging every day in last year, at the moment one a week is getting to be a struggle. I can’t really say what I was so busy doing last week but I was so busy that I failed to hit the gym either,which is probably no bad thing considering the state of my knee at the moment. On the plus side I cycled to work for 3 days out of five  -it wasn’t all bad.

Thankfully Jack survived his first full week back at school but I’ve got to say it wasn’t easy, the poor kid is drained, though he didn’t help himself. Despite being told to lay off sport he went to badminton club and ended up even whiter than usual. His excuse for playing -‘well it’s not really a sport is it!!’  Kids.

The weekend came and went quickly as it always does, between the rugby(another eventful game) and getting lost while out cycling (again) it all seemed to pass in a bit of a blur. I wonder if the weekends go slower if you don’t do anything ?

Now its Monday again, I’ve spent all day working with Grumpy (don’t ask!) and now I’m sat here trying to remember just what did happen last week that I was going to tell you about – I can’t think of one flaming thing.  I hope I’m not getting writers block…….

Need to blog more often

I promise to try

Bring it on.


It’s not how you start it’s how you finish……one day I will!!!

Well so much for the holiday heaven and getting stuff done, before I knew it I was back at work and now it’s nearly Friday – and so far not a blog done. (well I did a sneaky post on my rugby blog but that was just to get something off my chest  – it helped). So did I get done all I wanted to do in the hols -er…No. It wasn’t for lack of trying, believe me. I never flaming well stopped. But I didn’t realise just how much clutter I seem to have gathered over the past couple of years. So now instead of the clutter being contained in the spare room it’s everywhere, either waiting to be put back in the room it should go in or it’s in the ‘Do I stay or go’ pile. Thankfully, now I’ve given up the ‘sorting the rugby’ team job (Yes I know I supposedly gave it up last year and took it back on, but no more. The fingers are well and truly burned!) I’m going to have loads of time on my hands. Or at least that’s the plan -for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve already managed to get myself into another ‘Oh, that’ll be a laugh’ situation. I can’t moan, it was my stupid idea. I can’t reveal what it is (yet) other than it’s for Comic Relief. Hopefully it all goes to plan and none of us end up in casualty -way my luck is going a lately I think I could be first. Oh well it’s all in a good cause……..

Trying to get organised

Miracles do happen -honest

Bring it on



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