The Busy Birthday Weekend……………..


Why do Monday’s always come around so quickly, there is no getting around it, weekends are far too short and because it was a very busy weekend, with a great time had by all, it seemed shorter than ever. Yes this weekend was birthday weekend, it was mine Friday (21 for the second time) and Saturday saw our son turn 13 -eek mum to a teenager, bit scary that!! 

So Saturday saw hubby and I heading out for a nice meal with friends while our son had a lads night in – a bit of a first for us, leaving him home alone, thankfully we returned to find the house still standing – the front of the shed had come off and the garden gate was hanging on its hinge – but the house was still standing. Still no harm done really and they even tidied the bedroom up on Sunday which is certainly a first.

Sunday saw us heading to watch the mighty Wakey win, nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the head (I’m rubbish at drinking!) only thing is the air was more than fresh -it was positively chilly!! Standing shivering in ‘Flaming June’ is no fun, the curse of Summer Rugby strikes again!!!

After all the excitement, come 9 o clock Sunday evening I was sending the zzzzz’s out big style -not quite the party animal I used to be!! So after 9 hours sleep did I awake refreshed……………….Er No!

Is it nearly bedtime?

I’m sure I’ll be livelier tomorrow

Bring it on





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