Snow Easily Distracted…………

Well today was well and truly a snow day, it started snowing last night and within ten minutes everything was covered. In fact it came down so heavy that at 10pm we were out throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the street -can you tell it doesn’t snow very often!! Anyway we awoke this morning to deep snow and glorious sunshine -finally some perfect conditions for some wintry photos. Well it would have been if I hadn’t  got distracted by things that flap -yep despite not really liking birds they were the main focus of my camera work today -totally hogged the limelight. Still it was a great way to log some more Janathon miles. Despite the knee injury there is every chance that I am going to do the same mileage as last year -I’m well chuffed!!

5.2 miles walked

2 hours of fun in the snowy sunshine

Bring it on

Bird Watching at the Lagoon….

So after a later (11:00 !) night last night, Downtown Disney and a basketball play-off game on TV – slightly more exciting than the baseball!!! We were up a little later this morning (8:30!) Just in time to get a taxi to get us to Typhoon Lagoon for it opening. If you’re not there early you’ve no chance of a sunbed – though why we need one when we spend the entire time in one pool or another is beyond me!!

Yep Typhoon Lagoon is a water park – plenty of water slides and a wave pool that more than knocks you off your feet. It’s also home to some amazing views- more people watching anyone!!! Never will you see so many shapes n sizes all in one place- from the plastic knockers to the beached whales- you see it all. I honestly never knew bathing suits/ bikinis came in such humongous sizes. Nor did I realise it was possible to have such over-sized knockers yet still be able to walk without tipping over! To be fair though you could tell the plastic tits, they were first to float to the surface when we’d been knocked over by the massive waves!!

Typhoon Lagoon is great fun,plenty of slides of varying heights and scare factor levels- I bottled the scariest slide, dropping ridiculously fast down a chute with nothing but a bikini for protection is not really my thing!!! The wave pool is awesome though, waves that get higher and higher until your being thrown across the water like a surfer, then you check all your bits n pieces are in the right place before going again- you see there are some advantages to having no knockers- my top stays firmly in place!!!

Nice to see Jacks interest in the birds growing- while I was pointing out the heron pinching someone’s dinner – he was eyeing up the knockers on the owner of the stolen dinner- boys!!!!

Typhoon Lagoon done

Magic Kingdom Later

Bring it on

PS- how do I log wave riding on Juneathon!!!!!!!




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