Moves Like……………..!


Week two of ‘back to school’ and so far I’m still on track with my new target of being more organised. The washing and ironing’s up to date, the snaps are made, cleaning done and Jack’s homework (week 2 and its rolling in) is all marked off on the calendar. Yep, he’s got another 7 weeks to build his birdman model, not a life size one but a big enough one to fit an action man………………….Er, ok!!! Not sure how they are going to check how it actually works but I suppose it’s more exciting than some of the other science projects he’s had – even better his dad will have to help him. I’m rubbish at designing things -who will ever forget my sperm cell back in year 7 -his science teacher still laughs about it now. Pft!!!

Still, handing the’ homework help’ role to hubby means I can help Jack with other subjects, not least the newest addition to his timetable ‘performing arts’.(He’s well chuffed!) Now you’re talking. Strangely he didn’t take too kindly to my best Louie Spence impression across the kitchen -can’t think why!! Then he mentioned street dance, my eyes lit up -his didn’t. After all I am a fully fledged member of a street crew (a-hem) Ok so it was a joke for charity but I’m sure his teacher would be well impressed……….Maybe not!!!

It’s like the holidays never happened

Wonder if we can do performing arts at primary

Bring it On!!!!



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