One Sit up and a Reflective Debate

So I dived out of bed this morning (sort of), fully intenet on another washboard workout. I failed! One lousy sit up was all I could manage – Mmm, think I may of overdone the abs bit of the workout. Still no pain no gain, but I don’t seem to be gaining much at the moment. Did the weights work though, and I’m sure the bingo wings will be flying away anytime soon. (please)

So to work, best job in the world, working with kids, makes for fun, frustration and days when you realise how much you forgotten of what you learnt at school. It soon comes back though – most days! Science test today, not my best subject, unless I’ve got the answer book near me, but today the answer book was worse than useless, or the teacher and I are extremely thick. It showed  a picture of someone looking over their shoulder and four pictures, one which was the reflection in a mirror. The one the answer book said was right was definately not, don’t get me wrong I find reflection in a mirror confusing as I don’t know my left from right and looking in a mirror makes it even worse because its the opposite way round. But blonde as I am, the book was wrong……………….No really!

Work finished, Asda Big Shop done, time for Jack’s rugby training and my running time. It was a great run tonight, lots more chatter,putting the world to rights, so much so we failed to notice we’d upped  the pace a notch,a whole minute and 25 seconds of a notch, well chuffed. Going to give the abs a rest tomorrow, let the pain ease a bit. Laughing is no fun when it hurts.

7 miles in 1:04:12

It’s Friday tomorrow

Bring it on



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