The whole of the Moon……..Maybe Not!!





Well I did have an early morning run planned but I think the stresses and strains of Jack’s review day (more on that later) had finally got to me and I just couldn’t summon myself to get up any earlier than my alarm clock – oh well there’s always tomorrow. Still not running gave me time to do other things – like taking photos of the moon!! Yep at 6:30 I was  in the middle of the garden, stood on my bench, still in my PJ’s and a pair of furry boots attempting to take pictures of the full moon. God know why, it was just shinning so beautifully in the sky I couldn’t resist……I think I’ve gone mad!!!

Maybe the madness is the reason I forgot my dinner, forgot to put Jacks pack-up in his bag and even worse I forgot to take my ‘upper decker flopper stopper’ to work.Yes, despite the very frosty conditions I went on my bike  – I had to make up for my non-run some how. But in my rush to get out there I forgot an important piece of clothing – my bra! Thankfully my lack of knockers meant nobody really noticed that I spent the entire day wearing a sports vest under my top – you see there are some advantages to being flat chested.

So to back to Jack’s review day, amazingly within the space of 24 hours Jack has gone from being a non-tryer to top of the class – funny that. Something tells me these targets and levels aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The weekend’s here again.

Time to relax

Bring it on

Back in Time……………….

To be fair the Golden Wedding wasn’t a bad night out, granted it would have been nice to hear some music post 1950’s and when a dude called Glenn Miller got up to I did start to wonder if we’d actually travelled back in time ( he was quite good though – even though he didn’t play in the mood!!) But all in all a good night was had by all, I’m not quite sure what the oldies thought of my Song n Dance number to ‘Mack the Knife’ but I’d had four halves of lager by that point – I was passed caring!!

It was the lager that put pay to our planned early morning cycle, we were all for it when we first woke, but then the hangover head kicked in -hubby was worse than me, he felt unable to walk in a straight line never mind pedal. In the end I went out on my own while hubby ironed – can’t wait to see the creases in my trousers tomorrow. The bike ride was fab, Boris – now with newly fitted mega tyres is one awesome machine. I went through ever mud patch and puddle I could find add to that the glorious sunshine and views around the river and flood plains and the hangover was soon a distant memory.

So once back home it was time to get ready for our second outing of the weekend – a family meal to celebrate my mums 70th birthday – usual loud affair but then there are 14 of us, bit hard to be quiet. It was also another chance to get a picture of the Grandkids – we don’t get them together very often what with Uni, work etc. We have tried and failed to get a picture when they are all looking at the camera – oh well, there’s always christmas.

Family celebrations Over

Back to school tomorrow

Bring it on


Bikes, Shite and ‘Ladies of the Night………………

So that’s it seven weeks of awe-inspiring sport is over – now what?  Just the parade tomorrow and then London 2012 is no more. Sad really, but it will be even sadder if nothing comes from all that’s gone on. On a personal level I hope this is the year that kids learn there’s more to life than play stations and tellys and take up an outdoor activity or some form of sport – when you work in a school you realise just how little exercise some kids do. If we can’t inspire a generation after all that’s gone on then we never will!

Still Hubby and I continue to be inspired and set off on another off-road bike ride this morning, thankfully we didn’t get lost this week. But we didn’t do the planned route either – I forgot the map. Haw Park will have to wait for another day. It was good tell we were later out today due to the number of walkers or ‘path hoggers’ as I like to call them. They think they own the path – even the cycle ones. Mind you, they don’t move when I’m out running either – I don’t expect them to get off the path but do they really need to walk 4 abreast!!! Once we’d dodged the ‘path hoggers’ the horses got in the way – poor old Boris he does well to get me round the bumpy path without having to dodge the piles of horse shit. There’s all this to do about dog walkers scooping the poop yet horse riders can leave huge piles of smelly shit everywhere – Just saying!

So with the bikes away the conversation turned to the other ‘bike’ problem in the street – the ‘lady of the night’ type bike.The one we knew nothing about until Fridays local paper.  Seemingly- if rumours are true- they only live four doors away. Brill – it’s bad enough that we’ve had to put up  with the scummy drug dealers setting up camp in the cemeteryacross the road – I’m not kidding – now this. Thing is we live in a nice quiet street – most exciting thing that’s ever happened around here is Tesco’s sneakily taking over the local pub – mind you we didn’t notice that either! So now what? Do we stick up signs saying ‘Happy Hookers Out’ Stand outside shouting ‘we know what your doing’ or just hope and pray that the police sort it out sooner rather than later and hopefully before I have to explain to Jack that there is more than one type of ‘hooker’ in the world!

Had a fab weekend

Wakefield are in the Play-offs

Watch out Leeds Rhinos

Bring It On




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