Not Quite As Boooorrrrrreeedddd!!

A much more mobile today, the knee is definitely on the mend, at this rate I’ll be back on the bike far sooner than expected (you’ve got to remain hopeful) So we decided to go for a walk – the only problem was where to go. I didn’t want to go too far just in case it didn’t go to plan but at the same time a walk around the block wasn’t going to be far enough. In the end we opted for the Hepworth, Wakefield’s art gallery, that is only a 15 minute walk away.

The Hepworth is a great place, even if you’re not over enthralled with the alleged art in the galleries there is still plenty to admire. There was another new exhibition for us to look at today though I have to admit I really didn’t get it and Jack, in full ‘art critic mode’ declared it pants!! So we spent most of the time admiring the views around the gallery and Jack hogged the camera to give us his favourite moments……….I’ll let you decide!!

So having walked there and back my knee has survived, though it is throbbing now, (it is early days)  The boredom will soon be over. I wonder where we can walk tomorrow……….

On the mend

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Not So Arty Earnshaw……

Look Mum - a Tit.......

Look Mum – a Tit…….

So for the first time in nearly a week I ventured out today – a walk to the local art gallery with Jack. It didn’t really clear the head the way I wanted it to – but it was good for both of us to get some fresh air. I think Jack enjoyed the fresh air more than the art gallery – it clearly isn’t his thing. We didn’t go with the intention of having a look round, I wanted to go into the shop, but once there Jack wanted to go look upstairs,not at the art -he wanted to look at the view out of the window!!

To be fair to him he did give viewing the exhibitions his best shot – but did he really need to declare “what the chuff’s that meant to be” quite so loudly. Thankfully he didn’t shout out what I knew he was thinking (Is that a woman’s tit?) when we came to a Rebecca Warren piece. I suppose it was my fault for asking what do you think this one is before I’d actually looked at it properly -it just looked like a pile of clay from one side!!! Gave us a giggle while we had our coffee and cake though – he loved the coffee shop!!

Well it was nice to be out

Braving Christmas shopping tomorrow

Bring it on



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