Rugby Rules………………..

When I first started this blog I had two on the go one for running and stuff and one for Junior Rugby, somewhere along the line the two merged. I’m not sure why, probably because I just don’t have the time to do two and to be honest sometimes running and rugby cross over and often one stops the other from happening. Today was one of those days.

I would have loved to have run before or even after rugby  – the weather was perfect. However there was no team manager today and as it used to be my job it kind of fell to me to sort stuff out. It’s not like there’s loads to do but more at home game than away so the running got pushed back,by the time I’d hoovered up the clubhouse and headed home it was gone one, then there was the kit and water bottles to sort and wash (which I do every week anyway) that took me to two o’clock and I’d still my own housework to do – oh well, run abandoned for today at least.

Still the rugby was worth missing a run for, the behaviour of the opposing parents and coach wasn’t. Somewhere along the line our parents have sprouted wings and halo’s, as nowadays, at the side of some teams we seem to be positively angelic – which is pretty hard to imagine after going’s on in recent years (I’ll fill you in another time).  So while they ranted and raved and used every four word expletive going – and that was just the mums! Our lads got on and played a great game of rugby. Shame it descended into fisticuffs at the end (yes they are only 12) but by that point the ref (also a  young lad) had lost control of the game, gave in to the  crowd and changed a few decisions – hence the punch up! On the plus side we won the punch -up as well as the game.

So that’s it, Crigg All Blacks U12’s are Division 1 Champions- with 3 games still to play(maybe!), as well as Junior Challenge Cup, Wakefield Cup and Yorkshire Cup winners – not a bad first competitive season – hopefully the play-off situation will be sorted shortly and then the celebrations can begin – pop and crisps all round!!!

I was well chuffed for Jack today, he played a great game but I didn’t get my usual ‘Did I play well Mum?’ when he left the pitch. Not today. Today I got    ‘Did you see me twat that kid in the fight mum?’

Somebody remind me why I let my little angel play rugby……………………

Suffering from ‘proud mum syndrome’ for the rugby not the fight – or maybe both!

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on




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