Into Double Figures and I’m feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzz



Janathon day ten and we’ve made it to double figures, before we know it we’ll be halfway and then the countdown to the end will be on – loads of mileage to add between now and then but hey, it’s Friday who cares!?!

Yep the first week back at work is over, and I survived – just! Five days working, one twilight training course, one college night, one mini ‘Asda Big Shop’  done (done at Aldi’s  – ‘Aldi Big Shop’ is not as funny!) Three runs and two cycling days all done – it’s been a breeze…….. Can I really keep this up for another 21 days?

So today was a cycle to and from work day and thankfully the weather was a tad kinder than Wednesday when I nearly got blown away, in fact it was perfect cycling weather, bright and frosty. I am however blaming the frosty bit for causing me to wave at a total stranger. When its cold my eyes water, not great for my dodgy vision. So while I was waiting at the traffic lights I saw someone from college waiting at the other side – I waved -no response.  I mouthed good morning (in that over exaggerated way -like you do) no response. What a miserable git I thought. The lights changed, I crossed the road and was just about to wave again when I realised it wasn’t who I thought it was – whoops. So I hastily changed my wave into a ‘look at me just adjusting my helmet’ manoeuvre and pedaled on my way, Still it’s not the first time I’ve gotten confused – I once chased another runner up a hill only to realise it was the pelican crossing at the top, I mistakenly thought a wheelie bin was my husband (don’t ask) and I said good afternoon to my nephew as we cycled past one another and later found it wasn’t actually him -whoops. It probably won’t be the last.

Another 5 miles in the bag

Off road cycle tomorrow

Bring it on



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