Budgie Bother…..

There are some things you don’t need to see at 7 in a morning – a man in overtight speedos is one of them. Just to add to the fun he was sat poolside, in line with my eyeline, and very nearly my hands as I touched the side – Urghh! David Beckham in budgie smugglers I can deal with, some middle aged jelly belly, who should know better – no thanks!!! Still, on the plus side, for the second morning in a row I swam faster than usual.
Swim done
Back to the studying
Bring it onzzzzzzz


Well I was soon awake this morning, with the temperature of the pool I had little choice. It would have been really helpful if someone had actually said ‘we’ve had a power cut – it’s not very warm’ instead of letting me jump in. Still, on the plus side ( there always is one) I swam a whole lot faster than I usually do.
Swim done
Same again tomorrow (but warmer)
Bring it in!!


Just a quickie…….

A quick blog as another night of study looms, the science revision is done so it’s on to reading about a creative curriculum next – who’d be a student, the to do list is never ending.
Fortunately I squeezed in another pre work swim this morning, I’m just about managing to fit everything into one day!!
Swim done
Off to meet a real life swimmer, Rebecca Addlington tomorrow
Bring it on


Saturday nights alright for …………………………

images (2)

At last, a sleep in, not that I got much sleep -howling winds and attic bedrooms don’t match. Needless to say the long distance bike ride (which isn’t very far at the moment) didn’t happen. Still, there’s always the gym – I am starting to get used to it, I just wish it was outside, I like fresh air and rain and mud, you don’t get any of those things in a gym. You do, however, have fabulous showers that I could stay in all day and a spa pool to die for, it’s not all bad!!

So after, the cross trainer, bike, weights and a short swim, I’m now sat revising for next weeks mock gcse science exam, I lead such an exciting life, I guess Saturday nights are alright for partying when you’re not working full-time, studying for a degree, science gcse and trying to be a mum – it will all be worth it, eventually!!

Lots of exercise done

Treating myself to a martini

images (2)Bring it on!!!

Wahoo it’s Friday!

So due to the ridiculous howling winds this morning I decided to avoid the cycle to and from work and opted to swim sooner rather than later – I’m glad I did. It seems some people’s New Years resolutions don’t last long at all – I pretty much had the pool to myself. It was bliss, no worrying about whether to take the Olympic paced fast or snail paced slow lane – I just swam, roughly 40 lengths, I lost count again!!
So now I’m sat with my feet up, I shouldn’t be, I’ve loads to do, but after 9 days non stop exercise and my first full week back at work, sod it – I’m having a rest!
Gym and science revision tomorrow
Bring it on (gym – not the science!


Officially a Fattie

images2S2GLABSSo Janathon day five, and if going back to work  wasn’t enough of a shock to the system, I  foolishly decided to get on the scales, not once, but twice, what was I thinking?!?!?  I’m not usually one for getting weighed I usually just rely on how my clothes feel, but having been out of action for nearly 8 weeks I decided I needed to know just how bad things were – I wish I’d never bothered.  Compared to my usual weight I a now officially a fat chuffer, still on the plus side it is probably the kick up the backside I need to keep me at the gym and eating healthily. Lets hope the weight goes off as quickly as it came on.

Gym session done

Cycling to work tomorrow

                                                           Bring it on!!!

Does Cleaning Count………


Just a quick blog as its back to work tomorrow which is going to be a killer having been off for the best part of seven weeks, and there was me saying I’d only need a few days off after my op-how wrong can you be? Still, I’m heading in the right direction now and will be glad too be back, though right now the 5:50 alarm is filling me with dread, I think it might be a short gym session after work tomorrow!!!

Anyway back to today and in between the ‘cleaning the house from top to bottom cos I’m going back to work’ (why do we do it!?!), I sneaked in a steady 40 lengths at the pool, I would have liked to have done more but with the knee twinging I thought better of it.  (see I really have changed -this time last year I’d have carried on anyway!!) If only cleaning counted as exercise, I could’ve have logged a bit extra!!

40 lengths done

gym and work tomorrow

Bring it onzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S does anyone know of a device you can wear to measure how far you’ve swam – I keep losing count!?!?!


The Non-running Mum on the Run…………….

Out of order!!

Out of order!!

So I’m back, a new year new start and all that malarkey. Except this year is slightly different. Yep, 2015 is my first year as an official non-runner. Its not going to be easy, running has been a huge part of who I am for so long, but 2 knee operations in the space of 15 months has put an end to my running career. Still, I’m happy, healthy and have a fab family -it’s not the end of the world -its just going to take a bit of getting used to!!

I wasn’t going to do Janathon this year, however its my motivation to stick to my physio program and ensure I fit some exercise in in-between work, my degree and my science GCSE course -I think I’m going to busy!!!

40 lengths done

gym session tomorrow

Bring it on!!

Adventure Holiday……The Last Day!

The Raft...Eek!!

The Raft…Eek!!

So that’s it, it’s all over bar the washing and ironing. Three days of adventure. I’ve loved every minute of it and even asked for a job, though looking at the age of most of the instructors I’m too old by about twenty years – oh well!!!
To any parents who ever think that Robin Wood isn’t for their kids I’d advise you to think again, they definitely need to go. It will push them to their limits and they will return far more confident for achieving goals they never expected to -it really is a brilliant, well organised and most importantly safe place.
So just what did we do on the last day, well mostly we got wet, very wet!! I suppose it was only to be expected considering most of todays activities took place on the lake but seemingly staff don’t usually join in the raft race, whoops -it looks like Laura and I got carried away again. It’s that ‘race’ word, we just can’t help ourselves!!!

First up was the canoeing, I’ve got to confess that I’m not very good at it, mainly because I get my left and right confused, so adding push and pull (or was it forwards and backwards) to it meant I just got myself in a knot, thankfully Laura (who clearly knows her left from right) was in the back. We were in with a chance -well we would have been if the main aim of the game hadn’t been to wet the teachers through -joy. Still if we were wet when we got out of the canoe we were just about to get a whole lot wetter.

Raft building – wood, ropes, inner tubes and six kids to build it. Easy enough until you had to row on the flaming thing. Moisturising my legs that morning was a bad move -I slid straight off!! And while using the paddles was ok when two were on it I soon realised that if there was only one of you on, all you were going to do was go round in circles. In the end it became less about the rafts and more about diving off them and swimming as fast as you could to the rock in the middle -Lovely, swimming in a swamp!!!

A fab few days

I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight

Bring it on!!!

Motorway Swimming……………Maybe Not!!!

poolpicSo while others celebrated the finish of Janathon with a glass of wine, pizza or chocolate I celebrated by getting up at six this morning to go for a swim. Well, to be honest it was more about seeing whether I would have time to fit an early morning swim before work more than anything else, but might as well make it look like I’m a total fitness freak. Yes with Jack off school (inset day) I had a test run to see if I can get there, swim and back before 7am -I can, just. Although I didn’t have time to straighten my hair properly so it was also a test to see if ‘Frizz Ease’ does all it claims to do -it didn’t do bad -for once I didn’t look like ‘Crystal Tips’!!

It’s the first time I’ve done the early morning lane swimming thing -it was a bit of an eye opener really, I didn’t realise there was so much etiquette involved. I expected a slow and a fast lane -I didn’t expect a middle lane, it was like being on the M1. It’s also a good job that there were arrows pointing the direction you swim in, slow lane -clockwise, middle lane -anti -clockwise, fast lane -up and down. I find clockwise and anti-clockwise as confusing as left and right!!  I opted for the middle lane, I’m not slow and judging by the speed of the ‘Man from Atlantis’ powering up the fast lane I’m not quick. So I joined the lone swimmer in the middle lane, in no time at all I overtook him -big mistake. Seemingly you can only over take in the slow lane. Or so the lifeguard told me after lone swimmer man complained about my overtaking. I couldn’t believe it -he was going that slow that I doggy paddled past him. Perhaps you’d like to move to the fast lane lifeguard man suggested. Do I look like Rebecca Adlington………………

A lovely morning swim

I’ll stick to the rules next time (not)

Bring it on


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