Techno Fun and a Run

So in total contrast to yesterday,I didn’t run like a plodding hippo and tonights run was in the setting sunshine, granted there was a cold wind blowing but at least we was dry. Good old weathermen got it wrong again – no April showers to be seen. Bit of a relief to be honest as Jack had his mate Alfie round today and I was wondering how I was going to keep them entertained all day if we were stuck in. I haven’t known I’ve had them  to be honest- they’ve been playing out most of the day – looked like they were trying to kill one another to me but apparently I don’t understand wrestling!! Trying to watch them put a tent up in the wind was priceless- wish I’d have videoed it cos that had to be worth £250…………….

So with Jack entertained for most of the day I’ve had a little bit of me time and for once I didn’t waste it doing housework stuff. So I’ve been reading up on how to make the best of my camera – David Bailey better watch out, I’m going to be good!!! Even better I’ve finally sussed how to use Windows Movie Maker – with a little bit of help from my 11 year old – and I’ve now made a movie of my (and a few I nicked off the website) pictures from the Olympic Park Run. I just need to suss out how to put it on here now and you can all have a look!

6.2 miles in 58 minutes and 14 seconds

Another run tomorrow

Bring it on.


Snow Running Today………….

The good thing about the school holidays is I can go for a run anytime I want (once my ‘I need at least 10 hours sleep a night’ 11 year old gets out of bed!) So my intention today was to wait while Jack got up and then go for a shortish run while he was eating his breakfast. Despite the chance of a lie-in I was wide awake by eight so decided to get up and began climbing the ironing mountain. It was then I opened the curtains – snow, lots of snow, great, and not even the right sort of snow to use my Yak Trax  – even better! All the best laid plans – oh well

Midway through the mountain of ironing the King and Queen of coffee shops text to see if we fancied breakfast out. Yes my Mum and Dad love coffee shops/cafes and visit them often. So often, they have nick names for all the other retired folk who visit. With most of them, the clues in the name, Sweetex- always takes handfuls of sweetners, Papers – always hogs the newspapers. Niddy Noddy – don’t ask…………….

So a late breakfast out it was, then the barbers – holiday haircut for Jack. By the time we got back the snow had almost gone, so had my urge to run. Yep this Olympic running is draining- no wonder its only once every four years. Thankfully I did 4 miles last night so the guilt hasn’t kicked in just yet.

Snow running today

Running whatever the weather tomorrow

Bring it on


One Moment in Time – Tissues Required!

So despite the Wildcats best efforts to ruin my day by losing 36 – 0 at the stoop (and to think I carried their flag round for 5 miles so I could wave it in the Sadium – pft!) nothing was going to take the shine off what was a truly memorable day.The thing is, where do I start, so much to tell ……………….

Once upon a time there was a lady called Pat, she was one of the best people I ever knew, kind caring, hilariously funny and had a real fighting spirit. Sadly cancer took Pat from us before she ever got the  chance to put up a fight. Pat is the reason I run today. At the age of 34 I did something I hadn’t done since my teenage years, started running. That Race for Life  back in 2005 was the start of something I never expected, the start of me becoming a runner. The follwing year saw me line up for my first ever Marathon and with Pat looking down on me I’ve gone from strength to strength. Fast forward a few years and here I am about to race in the Olympic Stadium. To be honest I’d give all my medals back to have Pat here with us today sharing what she started. But as I ran into the stadium and the sun briefly came out I knew she was watching.

Right you can put your tissues away now, I just wanted you to understand why this run was more than a chance of a life time for me.

So race day dawned, and in a total contrast to the day before it was absolutely bloody freezing. Great for running – terrible for spectating.To say I was nervous was an understatement. It’s never taken me so long to eat a weetabix. Thank god I didn’t opt for the cooked breakfast like Ernie. Travelodge’s seemingly only cook in something that pings when its ready -hence the rubber food-  you should have seen the lasagne the night before, I’m still chewing the lasagne from the night before! Anyway, breakfast over we headed to the newly built (for the Olympics) Westside Shopping centre so I could buy another layer of clothes to keep me warm – honestly it was that cold!! The shopping centre ( it’s huge) was overflowing with Red-T-shirted runners all nodding excitedly at one another as they passed.

Shopping done it was time to queue to get into the Olympic Park, what a queue. Photographers and Celebs (allegedly – don’t get me going on the celeb thing!) got in early – amazing how many people thought Flawless were Diversity – then they realised they weren’t,  quote ‘where’s the big dude’ Bet poor Ashleys well chuffed!! So we waited and a guy in an orange high viz and a Walkie talkie kept saying won’t be long now – lying git!! To be fair they weren’t that slow, pretty organised for a first go. These huge tents opened and there inside was an airport – no really- scanning machines, carousels the lot ,only thing missing was Tie Rack and a WH Smiths. Poor Ernie,who’s shed a fair few pounds recently, had to take his belt off and then shuffle throught the scanner trying to hold his trousers up. I didn’t laugh!

We were in. The Olympic Park spread out before us in all its glory, well some of it did, some of it will when its finished! I’m sure come the opening ceremony it will all be finished but I did expect it to be completed, sort of …! Don’t get me wrong, its amazing, simple in parts but then that’s probably what’s so good about it and I’d love to see it again in July when all the flowers are in bloom and the Olympic flags are flying.

So, just what did I see.Well as you enter the park you see the Aquatics Centre, and Water Polo Arena – both pretty impressive and finished. Next up was the Orbit, which I think is finished, but it does still seem to have some scaffolding on it – or is that just part of it. Hard to tell really because I’m not that sure what its meant to be/represent. But it is an awesome bit of construction (art!!!) and even more fascinating there was a bloke stood at the top, is he stark raving mad?!?! Then we came to the Olympic Stadium. Now I’ve got to say when you first enter its no Wembley or Old Trafford for that matter but when you run onto the track and get a different view it definately takes your breath. Again, I can’t wait to see it come opening day.

The run took us further into the park, passing the Basketball Arena and The Velodrome – my favourite, you could see the BMX Track across the road, I’d love to have a go at that! On to the Riverbank Arena (Hockey) and the Copper Box (handball). I seem to recall lots of work still going on around here. On top of all that there are lots of waterways and greenery and you can definately imagine all of it been put to good use for years to come.

So to the run. Well there was definately a touch of excitement in the air – lots of giddy people, me included. Once in our starting areas, the warm up started. Now that was good, if you didn’t know the person either side of you before the warm up, you did after. Its fair to say we were standing very close together!! Warmed up and raring to go we then patiently waited for our start – by this point I was an emotional wreck and having some dude singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ didn’t help.

So Princess Beatrice waved us off and my moment had come, my Olympic Run. Highlights, all of it really. The workmen cheering us on, the drummers, the brass band, the sights, even the bloody big hill – I thought London was flat. But the best bit by far was the Stadium, running underneath was awesome, Chariots of fire played as we ran round and the huge roar as you entered the track is a sound I shall remember forever. So I ran my lap, my Wakefield flag held a loft for all to see (except for Ernie – who missed it). I ran the final straight as if I was going for gold and for me it was my gold medal and memories that will last a lifetime.

So stats for the day

5 miles (though many are claiming it was further) in 41:27

1975th out if 5707

266th out of 824 in age group and 68th out of 398 women in that age group

422nd out of 2700 Women

And I beat Princes Beatrice!

Not a bad day really

Best Day Ever


My Olympic Story – Coming Soon………………….

So my ‘Olympics’ is over and what a day it was, definately one to tell the grandkids about. (In the future – don’t want to be Granny Dawn anytime in the next decade, thank you very much!). So much to tell and I don’t really know where to start. So I’ll save my Olympic story for tomorrows post, no work (school hols – wahoo) means I’ve all day to do it. But be prepared I’m sure it will be a long one……………….

A Busy Day in London

The morning after the day before and after all the excitement it’s fair to say I felt a bit flat. Still there was a days shopping to look forward to……..
Never thought most of the shopping would be done in a shop that sells m&m’s!!!!!! Yep everything from teapots to golf balls!!!! 4 floors of chocolate logo’d products. Not the trainers I was hoping to buy though– how can Nike Town not have Nike trainers in stock……
Nice meal out with my lovely niece made for a great afternoon and seeing a bloke clad in skin tight red rubber devil outfit, complete with horns and high heels, made for much laughter. Especially when Jack asked if he was gay!!!
Other sights in London – Sinitta and a dwarf in a burka- daren’t tell you what Jack said about the latter!!!
Back to Wakefield tomorrow.
Bring it on.


What a day


One More Sleep

It’s nearly here, a dream come true. Running in an Olympic Stadium. If someone would have predicted I’d be doing this 7 years ago I’d have thought they we’re stark raving mad!

So we’ve arrived safe and well and the hotels, erm…….. Well it’s OK, I just hope no tall people are coming to stay cos they won’t fit in the bathroom, never mind the bath. I’ve seen bigger bird baths. All adds to the fun of the weekend though.
Olympic Runner
Bring it On



Two sleeps left, this time tomorrow we’ll be there, sleeping next to the Olympic Stadium ( in a hotel, not a sleeping bag!)  At the moment I’m in turmoil, what do I take to wear. Race day is fine – running kit and rugby kit for later, but as for the rest of the weekend….. Depends on the weather, but who knows. I’ve been in London when its freezing one day and then the following day – when you’ve a marathon to run its been the hottest day on record – great! We take more clothes to London than we do for a fortnight in Florida.

Excitements kicking in now though. Giddy, giddy, giddy. Even a little 4 mile trot hasn’t calmed me down. Boy will I have the Friday Feeling tomorrow. Work you have been warned………………

4 miles done

rest till race day

Bring it On

3 More Sleeps for the Running Oompa Loompa!

No run today, I’m tapering………..Till tomorrow than I’ll have to do a sneaky run or I’ll crack up. Don’t know which is worse the nerves or excitement. It’s like been a kid again, waiting for Santa to come. I JUST CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER. However……

In some ways I am glad there are  3 more sleeps, as at this precise moment in time I look like I’ve been tangoed. Great. Yep, foolishly I decided to fake tan, mainly to cover the left over bruises from last weeks fall and a kick on the shins from a dodgy kid at work. Now I look like I’ve fallen in a bath of creosote. Thank god I didn’t do my face!!

Still on the plus side, if I stay this colour for the weekend at least Ernie and Jack will be able to spot me running into the stadium. Just look for the Oompa Loompa!!! 


Race day’s nearly here

Bring it on!!!

More Nerves, Less Niggles and only 4 More Sleeps

So no aching calves or hamstring issues this morning and I managed to resist the urge for an early morning run. A nearly 3 mile walk to church and back (Easter Concert) in the sunshine also proved pain free – the pre race niggles are starting to go. I wish the nerves would. I think its just the fact that its such a big thing – running in the Olympic Stadium- and just to add to the excitement/nerves, today we found out that some of team GB will be lining the route in the stadium….GULP. A PB or a hug from your hero – which will I go for – assuming we’re allowed to touch them.

Tonights run was going to be my last before Saturday but as five of the six miles were niggle free I’m going to do an ‘ickle’ 4 mile run/walk just to be sure!

3 mile walk

6 mile run

rest day tommorow

Bring it on!

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