Value for money………………

The Nerves didn't last long.....

The Nerves didn’t last long…..

So I’ve paid to watch two games of Rugby League this weekend. One cost two quid to get in and the program was a £1, the other cost twenty quid (or would have done if I didn’t have a season ticket) and the program cost £2.50. One game was played with pride, passion and had a huge amount of talent on show the other was lack-lustre -bordering on boring and their was no pride,passion or to be brutally honest, give or take a couple of players, effort to be seen. I’m proud to say my son played in the first game.

Yep -yesterday was a bit of a deja vu moment for me. Exactly a year to the day since I had spent the morning feeling sick with nervous anticipation and here I was feeling the same way. The only difference was last year I was about to embark on a 5 mile run in and around the Olympic stadium this time I was waiting for Jack’s rugby game to kick-off. I don’t know why I get so nervous before his games, I just do. Especially when the games are finals or special events (todays game saw Jacks team representing Yorkshire) – I think it’s a sort of sympathy nerves – a bit like when men get strange cravings when their wives are pregnant, I get Jack’s vibes (poor kid can’t eat before a game) and feel just as nervous as he does. Once again the nerves weren’t called for – despite the constant disruption to training and match days due to the ridiculous weather ,the lads did all that was asked of them and more. They wore their Yorkshire Rose’s with pride and stuffed the Lancastrians big style – the ‘War of the Roses’ was well and truly won. Get in -shame the slightly more expensive game didn’t live up to its Junior game.

A cracking Easter Weekend

Two weeks off to enjoy

Bring it on

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

A Paralympic Day Out, Some Pacing Issues and more Killer Dogs……………….


So a three part blog(sort of) today as our late return last night didn’t give me much of a chance to tell you about our amazing day. Yesterday saw my Mum, Jack and I finally make it into the Olympic Park. I say finally but for Jack and I it’s our second visit – see link below. I’m happy to say that despite my worries back in March the Olympic Park well and truly exceeded all of my expectations.

One thing both of my visits to the Olympic Park had in common was the weather – it was freezing. Hence a very hasty visit to Primarni to buy some skinny jeans and a long sleeve top – well, a girl can never have too many skinny jeans! The shopping centre itself is amazing – newly built especially for the Olympics – all four floors of it. I don’t think my mum could believe what she was seeing.

Anyway after a bite to eat it was time to enter the Olympic Park, finally we were in and part of the Paralympics. The thing that gets you before anything else is the buzz about the place. The smiling faces (even in the cold and rain) the diverse range of people and cultures and due to it being the Paralympics the unbelievable range of  wheelchairs, false limbs etc being carried around by the soon to perform athletes and coaches. When I was young ( I know it’s a long time ago now!) my grandad had a false leg. The leg weighed more than he did and he rarely wore it as it made what was left of his leg sore. The leg spent more time behind the sofa than in actual use. So to see athletes with prosthetic limbs, carrying their sport limbs around kind of shows how far things have come – I wonder what my Grandad would have thought about blades!

The first venue  you come to when entering the park is the aquatics centre, now this has been the cause of much hilarity in the Earnshaw household as Jack thought  aquatic meant full of various fish (think sea world!) not aquatic as in swimming – bless him. So people probably thought we were stark raving mad as we stood there laughing hysterically as we explained to my mum what Jack had said. Next to the Aquatics Centre was the water polo…, er what do you call it pool, arena, place… not sure. Anyway after that it was the Olympic Stadium (did I mention I’ve run in there!) time for the now traditional pose – the Mobot, and a cheeky Usain as well – I think my mum got a bit confused with the second one – more Nazi Salute than Bolt – Oh well.

We spent the next couple of hours taking everything in, there is so much to see. Not just stadiums and arenas but gardens and art and…..the list goes on and on. My favourite place, apart from the gardens was the Velodrome – it’s huge and so, well mind blowing really. Cycling was also the first thing we watched albeit on the live screen. But you would have thought we were in the Velodrome, what with all the flag waving, cheering and the singing of the National Anthem. Yes we watched Team GB’s first gold of the Games – magic. The swimming was magic too – how can someone with no arms not only swim but win a gold – these paralympians are something else and it’s not disabled!! 

I could go on and on about all we saw and did but I don’t want to bore you.  I think you get the point that it was awesome, amazing and so on but more than anything in some ways it was pretty humbling to be there seeing the results of months and years of hard work and training. Even more humbling when you see some of the health issues and obstacles some of these athletes have to overcome and deal with day in day out.

Hopefully parts of the Olympic park will be there for years to come and will eventually be used by the generation it was meant to inspire – it will be a bloody shame if it’s not.

Tired when I woke this morning, just a bit. Asda Big Shop wasn’t really what I wanted to do but needs must, especially as today is officially the last day of the school holidays – where did the six weeks go!! It was a big ‘Asda Big Shop’ as well took me nearly all day to put it away – honest – well in between trying to watch the Paralympics on Channel 4. Trying being the operative word. What with the never-ending adverts and the relentless chatter in the studio there doesn’t seem to be much actual sport on!

In the end I gave up and went for a sneaky 8 mile run, I was pleased to up my mileage (at last) but not happy with my pace – I ran my first mile in just over 8 minutes and then died. I can’t blame my amazing ‘Nike+ Sports Watch’ – (it never works) because I’ve finally sussed it . If you don’t pause it when you have to wait to cross a road or get attacked by a killer dog(more on that in the next paragraph) then the mileage is accurate – means that it shows you’ve run slower than you actually have but you can’t have everything – well unless you’ve got a Garmin!!

So to the ‘Killer Dog’ , my worst nightmare. Bloody thing tried to trip me up and wouldn’t let go of my shoe lace I had a right job getting it off……Alright, alright it was a puppy – a Jack Russell. But it wasn’t giving up my lace  without a fight – bless it. Not a bad run really 8.3 miles in 1:19:50 – the fight to get my fitness back is on!!!


Another great day out

On the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Catch up time………..Well some of it!

finally a bit of a chance for a catch up but only a short one – I need to catch up with my beauty sleep before Jack and I head to London to enjoy the Olympics.

So let’s go back to Saturday night- what  a night that was- Team GB rocked and the whole country seemed to be watching. It was awesome-  the only downside was I didn’t get my early night prior to getting up at five for our trip to London to watch the Women’s Marathon – but who cares- we’ll never get to see a home Olympics again- got to make the most of it.

Sunday was brilliant, I don’t really know where to start. The weather failed to dampen the spirits of all who watched- and boy were there some people watching! I now know that in order to improve my marathon running I need to wear pants and crop top, long socks and copious amounts of pink tape on my arse- go down well in Wakefield that!!! But if it makes me as fast as them I’ll try anything. I’ve a long way to go to achieve the stick thin look though. Some of those girls were seriously in need of a plate of pie n chips!!!

Once the Marathon was over we headed over to Stratford to see what was going on around the Olympic park. top-tip- go. You may not be able to see the events in the park but you still know what’s going on and the place is buzzing. Mind you the train home was buzzing – but perhaps that was the large wine we had in the champagne bar before we left.

Last night saw me at Old Trafford on a school trip – female Wendy-Ball. Hate to say it but it was really good. I’ll give you all the goss on that in the next catch-up.

Early Night needed

Hyde Park Live tomorrow

Bring it on

An Olympic Catch Up………………….

So with art hogging the blog last night (the blog hogged my night – bloody uploads!) it’s  time to get back to what’s important at the moment- the Olympics. The Olympics have for one reason or another been a huge part of my life this year from my nomination to carry the flame ( didn’t get picked but to be nominated was massive) to running in the Olympic Park -what a day that was. I can’t wait for the athletics to start then I can sit there knowing I ran on that track before anyone else (well apart from the other 5000 that did the run!) Then there’s all the work we’ve done at our school and all that Jack’s done at high school for his ‘Going for Gold’ award, the list goes on.

Now the time has come to sit back and watch all that’s going on. Trouble is once I sit and start watching I don’t move – it is so addictive and not just because team GB are competing – you name it – we’ve watched it!!  I’ve got to say it’s nice to see the GB medals rolling in now – if only to stop the press whining. Honestly, personal achievements just aren’t enough for the newspapers – the swim of their life only means something if it comes with a medal attached – it’s really starting to naff me off but that’s British Press for you – always on a downer.

The London Olympics is hoping to inspire a generation – judging by the amounts of people suddenly out cycling and running it is certainly inspiring some people. It’s definitely inspired Jack – his sudden interest in Beach Volleyball is amazing – can’t think why, thank god we don’t live near a beach!

Still despite watching the rowing,canoeing,cycling,double trap shooting (!),gymnastics, horse jumping type thing,judo,and the ever popular ‘show us your muff’ Beach Volleyball I have manged to paint the front wall, weed the patio (Jack’s question of the day – are these weeds that stuff you smoke!) clean the downstairs and most importantly – fit a run in – managed just over six miles today- wonder if I’ll be fit enough for the marathon – might be needed now Paula’s dropped out!

Still loving the Olympics 

loving having the running shoes back on too

Bring it on!

An Olympic Occasion…………………..

So why I’m up at this time ( I started typing this at half eight!!)  when a; I didn’t get to bed until silly o clock  as I waited for the flame to be lit and b; I’ve hardly slept thanks to a drunken hubby snoring loudly all night – and he dares complain that I snore!!! So what did I think of the opening ceremony….. and by the way this is my blog and my personal opinion -which I’m entitled to!

For those of you that don’t know – I ran in the Olympic Stadium back in March – it was an awesome experience so every time I see the stadium I get goosebumps. I’ve also spent the year working in a school where we have celebrated all the values of the Olympics so it feels like we’ve been waiting for ever for this day to come.

Overall I thought last nights ceremony was amazing and I understood the concept of celebrating all that was good about our country but then in celebrating all that was good it clearly showed all that we had as a country that has now gone -killed off by various governments. The look at our amazing NHS was laughable really as the NHS is on its knees (the good old government strikes again – sad really when Doctors and nurses work so hard to try to keep it going.)  – there were more beds in that stadium than any hospital I know – and before anybody starts I know we are lucky to have a free health service but for those who are having to deal with closing of heart units, loss of services etc it is not something to celebrate.

Anyway, that was my only niggle really, that and the fact that some of it seemed a little rushed -it was hard at times to keep up.(maybe that was the glass of wine though!)  But that said some of it was classic. The Mr Bean bit was hilarious, even the Queen herself got involved the music was good (apart from Macca at the end – like his music, can’t stand him) and the fireworks, lights etc were fab, but more than that it was good that we celebrated real people not just plastic celebrities. I do wonder what people around the world thought of it and if they even got it – but compared to some other opening ceremonies I’ve watched it has to be up there as a good one.

One thing I didn’t realise is just how many countries there now are in the World – all these little republics etc created due to divided nations – the athletes parade was much quicker when everyone was friends – sad really. Trying to explain to Jack which republic used to be which country – big headache!!!  Talking of headaches,by this point hubby had siddled off to bed, too much red wine celebrating our wedding anniversary – last I heard from his was a huge crash as he fell in the wardrobe – I didn’t go check on him we were getting to a good bit.


At last Team GB were here – great in itself but even better as it meant we were finally getting to the lighting of the flame and nearer to being able to go to bed – well come on I’m usually asleep by ten!! So was I happy with the choice of who lit the flame – you bet. A very clever touch – a true legend bringing it into the stadium (Sir Steve)  and then handing it over to our future generation to light the flame – brilliant.

So highlights for me – well the Queen picking her nails just at the moment Team GB arrived (mind you poor Philip was asleep!!) Team GB arriving.  The British Armed forces -nothing needs adding to that. Tiger feet – Mudd – classic!!! And the Olympic Flame – inspiring a generation.

Just one question, just where was Boris – I was really looking forward to one of his legendary speeches – who can ever forget wiff waff’s coming home when we got the Olympic flag in Beijing!!

Anyway – best go check Hubby’s still breathing!!

Olympics opened

Time for medals

Bring it on

Our Moment to Shine……………..

So, after months of waiting the day had finally arrived, The Olympic Torch was heading to Wakefield – would the day be all we hoped for……………Well, to be honest, for varying reasons, it was far more than that.

For those who don’t know, I was nominated to carry the flame as part of the Coca- Cola ‘Future Flame Campaign’ It was a real honour to be nominated and from that came the chance to run in the Olympic Stadium – so not getting selected wasn’t the massive disappointment it could have been. That’s not to say that when the torch-bearer ran past today, I didn’t feel like rugby tackling her and running off with the torch, I resisted – just – still it would have been one way to make the news!!!

If I’m honest, I do have reservations about the Olympics coming to London – mainly because funding has been pulled from grassroot sports and has been pumped into whats happening in our capital city. Great for kids in London but not for us in Yorkshire where new clubhouses can no longer be built because the fundings gone. However, on the other hand London is the one and only chance to get our kids off their PlayStation’s and X Boxes and out into fresh air, trying something new. In the last three months I’ve seen kids you’d never expect, dancing as part of the ‘Big Dance’ and an entire school running a mile. But we need to keep doing this once the Olympics is over if anything is to be gained and a generation inspired. Time will tell………………..

So who shone the most today, well the sun came out – definitely a plus. The crowds were great, the torchbearers fab but it was 200 school kids that stole the show today – for me anyway. They (Reception to year six) patiently waited the best part of two hours for the torch to come – all for a quick glimpse. They put the schools standing around us to shame and even made the local news  – briefly.

Well done Methodist J & I school – definitely gold medal winners today!

With the torch gone and work done, I finally got to do something I haven’t done for over a week – run. Granted, it was only a short one, but with my missing iron still missing and time been very limited at the moment, it’s the best I can do. It was nearly an even shorter run thanks to a German Shepherd ( a Dog  not a German Dude looking after sheep just in case you’re confused.) I’d only gone half a mile when the flaming mahoosive thing bounded towards me, I froze in terror, my life flashed before me and then the sodding thing dived in the hedge and came out with a cat, ‘don’t worry he’s as soft as owt’ the owner said. He looked soft with a cat hanging out of his gob – animals and running – bliss!

A great day

Sports Day Tomorrow

Bring it on

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Today I finally decided what my vocation in life should have been – shame I reached that decision twenty five years too late. I don’t know why I’ve come to this decision now – maybe it’s the stuff I’ve been doing at work – swimming, wendy-ball, cricket and the Olympic Big Dance, or maybe it’s my love of running, walking, watching rugby at all levels, and generally being outside. But I think I should have been a PE teacher – if I had said this to my PE teacher all those years ago, she’d have probably cracked up in hysterical laughter – after all I was the chubby ‘class swot’ kid, always one of the last to be picked in games. But now the boots on the other foot, no longer a swot and defo not chubby. I suppose I’ll just have to make the best of what I do now – cos by the time I qualify as a teacher I’ll be teaching PE on a zimmerframe – why do you need a degree to teach kids – surely the school of life should count for something……….

Still PE teacher or not there was plenty of sport to get on with today. Good news is we’ve now completed learning the ‘Big Dance’ and some of year 6 now know it without watching the dodgy choreographer dude on the big screen – we’ll be perfection come ‘big Dance Day’ next week. Dancing out of the way it was time for wendy-ball and this week I managed to sneak on the pitch and play – technically I was meant to be refereeing  – I just kept getting in the way!!!!

Work over, Jack training, it was time  for a nice hilly seven miler with my running mate. Great run tonight, a nice steady pace, steadiest we’ve managed in a few weeks – held a conversation all the way round. We may run out of puff but we never run out of converation!!! A new(ish) route meant we came across a new killer dog, thankfully it’s stuck behind a fence ( for now) shame we didn’t realise that before we dived in front of an on-coming car – bet the poor fella wondered what was happening! Suicidal runners…………….Whoops!!!!!

7.5 miles in 1:13:07

Running tomorrow

Depends on Van Gogh!!!!!

A Dance, A Run, A Camouflage Duck and Vibration White Finger……………..

So another day another deluge of rain. Not what you want when you work in a school, kids with cabin fever are no fun, kids with cabin fever on a P.E day – aarrggghh! But credit to year six, this afternoon they excelled themselves. To be honest, I expected some strops when we had to do indoor P.E – well DANCE!! But no, they loved it, girls and boys. Even better they seem to be picking it up a whole lot quicker than me. But then again they had a huge hall to leap about in, I’ve had my kitchen. All we need is some leg warmers and it will be like ‘Kids from Fame’ all over again- well 30 kids n one old bird – maybe I could be Lydia Grant –  dance teacher in Fame for those too young to remember. (You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat- still remember it now!!)  Anyway, if they keep this up – come the ‘Big Dance’ on the 18th May they’ll be awesome – choreographer dude Winston or is it Wayne, he’ll be well chuffed – ya!

Work over, the sun came out – nearly- and the rain stopped, typical. Still it meant we could run without getting soaked. I didn’t feel like I had the best of runs to be honest, maybe it’s ‘first week back’ syndrome or I over did the dancing. I felt ok for the first 3 miles, then the energy levels dropped, still we managed another 3+ miles and surprisingly we ran exactly the same time as Tuesday, maybe I just expect too much sometimes. Can’t believe I was scared by a duck either – obviously not my night – flaming thing was camouflaged by the leaves, never saw it till it quacked…………….

So run done, quick chat and time to head home. By this time my vibration white finger had kicked in- anyone else get this after running? It used to be just one finger, now it’s spreading. Must be coming out in sympathy with my running mate, she gets it too.  I did look for a funny image for vibration white finger – you won’t believe the pictures that came up…………….

6.8 miles done

leg warmers out tomorrow

Bring it on

Queen of the Hula Hoop………………Ouch!!

So despite another child free day – I am so bored when I have nobody to play out with – I never made it out for a sneaky run. I have, however caught up with some of the mundane things like ‘Asda Big Shop and ‘Mega hoover session’, yaawwwnnn- can’t remember them been listed in my wedding vows, how did it come to be my job….. Oh aye, I remember, its cos I’m a girl. Pft!!!

Anyway, today hasn’t been a totally exercise free day. I’ve been up and down our 3 flights of stairs countless times with hoovers, swiffers, mops and cloths and pushing the trolley round Asda wasn’t exactly a walk in the park – wish I had of been walking in the park – that’s what we need – an outdoor supermarket!!I’ve also practised a bit more of this dodgy contemporary Olympic number for ‘Big Dance Day’ I’m looking quite good now if you close one eye and squint a bit!! But best of all I’ve treated myself. Clothes… No.   Shoes….. No  Make-up…. No. I’ve bought a hula hoop (not the crisps). Yep, having read some of my Facebook friends reviews I’ve taken the plunge – does it work. Well after a 10 minute workout it hurts to breathe, yep it works. Six pack in six weeks, well if today is anything to go by come my holidays I’ll have a figure like Jessica Ennis but with a wrinkly face and bingo wings- Can’t have everything I suppose!!

Early blog today as we’re taking advantage of being child free and going out- grown up going out, not an 11 year old in sight, can’t remeber the last time we did that!!!

On the way to a six pack

Maybe running tomorrow – depends how many wines I have !!

Bring it on

Ps link to my Olympic Park Movie

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